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Reduce Time to Hire by 50%
Interviewing time is 90% faster
$1,500 Saved per Candidate
27 Requisitions Filled in 3 months vs. 8

HealthSouth is a patient-centered, innovative, inclusive and forward-thinking provider of rehabilitation services. Recruiting globally for operations across North America, HealthSouth is dedicated to delivering the best in rehabilitation services. It hires highly-qualified therapists and specialists to provide an advanced level of rehabilitative care to patients who are recovering from conditions such as stroke and other neurological disorders, orthopedic, cardiac and pulmonary conditions, brain and spinal cord injuries and amputations.

It’s no big surprise that the healthcare industry is suffering from a skills shortage in the U.S. In fact, according to Department of Labor data, of all industries in the skills shortage category, healthcare leads the way followed by education, business and finance, and architecture and engineering. This poses significant challenges for healthcare organizations that are forced to think outside the box when it comes to sourcing and recruiting healthcare specialists. In order to tackle this challenge head on, while continuing to deliver superior patient care, HealthSouth expanded its recruiting strategy internationally. William Poynter, national director of talent acquisition at HealthSouth said, “We were looking for creative ways to expand our talent pool of qualified and highly specialized healthcare workers, so we took our recruiting strategy international. We embark on several international recruiting projects each year across Europe and Latin America where we recruit recent graduates and skilled healthcare specialists who are certified to work in the U.S. This allows us to build a continuous talent pool of highly qualified candidates that we can quickly tap into when positions open up at HealthSouth across the U.S.”

Historically, this process proved to be expensive and timeconsuming for the recruiting team and hiring managers. To recruit internationally, the organization would fly a recruiting team of several key

stakeholders – including a recruiter and the director of therapy – to the remote location, cost an estimated $1500 per person, per recruiting project.

In 2011, Poynter saw an opportunity to streamline the company’s international recruiting practices and to save the company thousands in unnecessary travel expenses, all while improving manager and candidate satisfaction, streamlining the recruiting process, increasing productivity and importantly – decreasing time to fill. “In the healthcare industry, time is critical. We needed a better way to quickly source and recruit specialists to ensure we were filling open positions quickly with the highest caliber of talent. This would translate directly into delivering the best patient care possible,” commented Poynter.

“I’d known about digital interviewing, and at the time, we had an international recruiting project in the works that was a great fit for the technology – recruiting highly-qualified physical therapists in Chile,” added Poynter. “We used the project as an opportunity to see how much hassle and travel budget the technology could save us, and how that would impact productivity levels, without compromising quality of hire.”

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William Poynter

William Poynter

National Director of Talent Acquistion, HealthSouth

HealthSouth’s hiring managers and recruiting team report reductions in time to hire, improvements in productivity and more, since using HireVue. In fact, they’ve recently used HireVue to recruit and hire a team of more than 20 geographically dispersed individuals in just three months for a specialized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) project for its hospitals. Because they had used the technology in the past and were confident in the results, one of HealthSouth’s regional recruiting teams solely used HireVue to complete the screening process and hire the team.

“The EMR project required individuals who could work virtually, and we needed to assemble that team in a very short period of time – there was no time to schedule and coordinate face-to-face interviews with all the candidates,” Poynter explained. “Using HireVue, we were able to quickly identify the right individuals for the job. If we’d done this project using traditional interview methods it would have taken us another two to three months to hire every position based on the logistics and coordination of interviews alone.”

Poynter estimates that HireVue’s technology saves the company about $500-$1500 per interview in travel costs alone. In the case of this EMR project, for example, the company could have spent upwards of $30,000 interviewing the 20 selected candidates alone, not to mention time and money spent with candidates who didn’t move forward in the recruiting process.

Our managers love that they can review interviews and share feedback whenever it’s convenient for them. Our team is gaining back hours of time previously spent interviewing the wrong candidates. Instead of being out for nearly two days to conduct an offsite interview, our managers spend several minutes watching interviews with the right candidates.

The Results

HireVue Slashes Time to Hire, Improves Productivity and Candidate Experience.

For international trips, which take place quarterly on average, HealthSouth no longer incurs the expense of sending senior level management to remote locations, saving an estimated $10,000 in travel expenses and a week and a half in productivity per international recruiting trip.

“The greatest benefit we’ve realized with digital interviewing is the ease of coordinating and scheduling interviews with HealthSouth’s internal team of reviewers. HireVue alleviates that challenge because they can review interviews and share feedback with each other whenever it’s convenient for them,” said Poynter. “Our internal team is also gaining back hours of time they previously spent interviewing – sometimes the wrong – candidates. With our old practices, senior level management would typically be out for a day and half for an interview. Now they can spend several minutes watching the interview instead – pausing to spend time with the right candidates.”

Digital interviewing has also enhanced HealthSouth’s candidate experience. Providing a convenient and streamlined process, HireVue eliminates the need and inconvenience of travel. With HireVue, candidates can easily brand themselves, add context to a static resume, and have the potential to influence several senior leaders at the company. Because scheduling hassles are completely eliminated, candidates are also engaged in the process, and with HealthSouth, much sooner.

“Before HireVue, candidates were at the mercy of our packed, and often changing, internal schedules. HireVue gives us the flexibility to connect with candidates sooner,” explained Poynter. “It’s also helped us strengthen our employment brand. Our open positions are very specialized, hard to fill positions, and HireVue has definitely given us an advantage in our recruiting strategy by giving us the opportunity to reach those candidates quickly – anywhere, anytime, all while reinforcing our employment brand."