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Improved candidate experience

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HireVue Insights allows our recruiting team to focus on reviewing the best quality candidates first, rather than sifting through hundreds and thousands of candidates to find the diamonds scattered throughout. This allowed us to shorten our time to hire from 6 weeks to 6 business days!”

- Amber Weaver, Senior Director Corporate Recruitment, Global Systems and Programs, Hilton Worldwide

4,700 hotels, 765,000 rooms, 100 countries, with over 160,000 team members

Hilton Worldwide is easily the most recognized name in the hospitality industry, welcoming more guests than any other hotel brand. With over 4,700 hotels in 100 countries, Hilton Worldwide’s 13 brands are recognized around the globe for unparalleled guest service, delivered by talented team members with a reputation for innovation, integrity and excellence.

Hilton Worldwide believes that memorable guest experiences begin by creating a culture where team members feel appreciated, valued and respected. With over 160,000 team members across over a dozen job families, having the most elite team members in place is critical to the business at Hilton Worldwide.

Rodney Moses, (former) VP, Global Recruitment at Hilton Worldwide said, “Hilton Worldwide is acknowledged as an innovative, forward thinking leader that ofers best-in-class products, services and amenities. It is essential that we extend the same level of service and innovation to our recruiting process.”

Global Growth, Decentralized Structure and Military Hiring Eforts Drive Need for More Personalized Recruitment

Hilton Worldwide continues to enjoy global growth. Yet recent plans to expand into an additional 140 properties left them with challenges to scale the business and recruit great talent at the pace they needed. As with so many organizations, Hilton invested heavily over the decades in various types of HR technology including tools for sourcing, applicant tracking, and performance management, but Moses realized that despite all of this investment, her recruiting team was missing something critical.

“We were missing the human element in our recruiting process. We had all of the right tools and processes in place, but we were missing our main focus: Hilton is about people, not processes. We realized that the key to innovation was through our people. And this became a very important focus for us,” explains Moses.

From hiring hourly reservationists to property managers, Hilton’s hiring process is unique with a very complex model of ownership. “Despite the variety of job families and skill sets, we needed a personalized experience distinctive at each job level for our 70,000 annual hires, Moses said. “What’s more, our candidates are also potential guests. We wanted a recruiting process that better reflected our commitment to an incredible, personalized, guest experience.”

Without having recruiters in each hotel, Hilton needed an easier way to centralize and simplify the recruiting process, particularly for the high volume of hourly applicants. “The recruiting process for hourly hires didn’t provide the best experience for our candidates and didn’t give our hiring managers the insight they needed to fill these critical roles,” comments Moses. “The candidates weren’t given an opportunity to truly showcase their qualifications and abilities by simply filling out an application.”

Hilton Worldwide has also publicly pledged to hire 10,000 military veterans over the next five years. They were looking for a way to both scale their military hiring initiative and ensure they had a more personalized way to recruit this important talent pool.

“The military community is a rich candidate pool with skills and experience that are applicable in the civilian workforce,” explains Moses. “Yet many veterans struggle to market themselves efectively. Employers receive resumes every day from veterans, but they have trouble understanding the military lingo and identifying transferable skills. We knew we needed a more efective way to have members of our military introduce themselves to us and tell their story and showcase their experiences.”

Business Drivers:

  • Scale HR Globally
  • Insert Human Element in HR
  • Centralize and Simplify Recruiting
  • Connect with Military Candidate Pool

Selection and Implementation of a Digital Recruiting Solution

“We saw digital recruiting as an obvious way to bring the human element back into our process. It was clear that above any other HR technology, digital recruiting provided an innovative and personalized candidate experience, while giving our hiring team tremendous insight into their potential team members,” comments Moses.

“HireVue was the clear choice for a digital recruiting partner. They were the leader in this space but also had tremendous branding capabilities, 24x7x365 candidate and user support, and had experience all over the globe which was crucial for us,” explains Moses.

“We introduced HireVue initially for our college recruiting effort and it was extremely well received. The recruiting team didn’t sacrifice their one on one time with the candidates but were able to focus more on information sessions and classroom time and get in front of significantly more students. Because of the immediate success and feedback, we went “all in” and expanded HireVue across all job families including executive, corporate, military and hourly,” Moses explains.

Hilton Worldwide also incorporated a variety of interview types into its recruiting process including On Demand Interviews, recorded Live Interviews and panel interviews. Digital recruiting has been adopted at the grassroots level and with the hiring managers being so pleased adoption spread quickly among all teams, globally.

Military Hiring Initiative Adds $135M in Revenue

Hilton Worldwide recently launched “Operation: Opportunity,” a major initiative to provide extensive support to United States military veterans and their families, including the hiring of 10,000 veterans to the company in the next five years. It is also donating millions of Hilton Honors points that veterans can redeem for free hotel stays while seeking jobs, either within Hilton Worldwide or with other organizations.

“For our military initiative, digital recruiting has proven to be essential,” explains Moses. “Military veterans are a natural fit for Hilton Worldwide. We share similar values – like integrity, ownership and teamwork – which support our company's mission to become the preeminent global hospitality leader. A resume doesn’t show relevant experience that translates to a hiring manager. HireVue has enabled us to get to know our veterans – who they are and what they can do. Digital recruiting has helped us bring the human element back into the process,” says Moses.

“We have active military begin the interview process from locations including Iraq and Afghanistan. Travel was difficult if they were deployed, but now with HireVue they take the interview from wherever they are,” says Moses.

Hilton's military hiring initiative is not only helping them meet their commitment to hiring 10,000 vets, but it has also resulted in an unexpected revenue source. After a military candidate completes a digital interview, Hilton offers them a complimentary two night stay at a Hilton property as a thank you for their time and service. Vets have really embraced this offer, often extending their stay at Hilton properties, to the tune of an added $135 million in revenue from this hiring campaign.

Branded Landing Page for Military Recruiting


94% Candidate Satisfaction; NPS Score is 2X that of Hospitality Industry

Hilton Worldwide completes more than 2,000 interviews a month with a 94% candidate satisfaction rate. “Having a positive candidate experience is a key objective to our process,” Moses comments. “We want our candidates to become guests at hotels and we want the candidate experience to be as positive as a guest experience.”

Hilton Worldwide measures candidate satisfaction through a Net Promoter Score, a standard operating metric that measures overall feedback in the market.

“Our NPS is currently a 72 which is truly unheard of in this industry. The average NPS in the hospitality industry is 32. This is something that is recognized across our executives who see NPS as a powerful distinction for our brand,”says Moses.

Access to More Candidates Across the Globe

Digital recruiting has been essential to Hilton Worldwide’s key talent management objectives. “We’ve embraced HireVue’s full Talent Interaction Platform by utilizing it for social sourcing. We have gotten more candidates in front of us than we ever would have using any other resource. We have immediate access to global talent,” adds Moses.



Executive Hiring Provides Immediate Time to Return on Investment

“We realized a full return on our investment with HireVue in just the first few weeks. This was particularly evident with our executive panel interviews. The ROI metrics are a ‘no brainer’ and we’ve probably saved close to seven figures in a matter of months,” explains Moses.

10X Productivity Increase

“Recruiters are completing up to 30 interviews in a day and have completely embraced the simplicity and objectivity. What I had three recruiters doing in a month, I had one do in a week and a half,” says Moses.

One of the biggest areas where we’ve experienced a big reduction in time to hire is with our high volume hourly positions,” explains Moses. “People might assume that hourly candidates won’t embrace this technology, but we have over a 70% take rate and every position from bellman to food and beverage staff are using On Demand Interviews. When we began using HireVue for our hourly hires, we recognized immediate time savings. Ten times the productivity doesn’t even give this technology justice,” Moses adds. “Ultimately, by saving time in the recruiting process, the management team is able to focus on their customers.”

Quality of Hire Improved

“Adding the human element back into our hiring process has really changed the dynamic and quality of our hires and improved our brand,” comments Moses. “Candidates are now able to convey their skills and experience in a way that resonates with the hiring team. By also implementing a variety of question types and interview scenarios, they are immersing their candidates in real life situations and you are able to see their visual experience and reaction to that situation.” Moses summarizes, “If they’re able to tell their story, it’s a lot more dynamic than reading about it on paper.”

amber-weaver.png“HireVue Digital Assessments allows our recruiting team to focus on reviewing the best quality candidates first, rather than sifting through hundreds and thousands of candidates to find the diamonds scattered throughout. This allowed us to shorten our time to hire from 6 weeks to 6 business days!”

- Amber Weaver, Senior Director Corporate Recruitment, Global Systems and Programs, Hilton Worldwide