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Founded in 1930, Ocean Spray is a grower-owned cooperative representing five generations and more than 700 families across North America. The company has three divisions—Foodservice, Ingredient Technology, and International—and their products are sold through retail and commercial channels around the world. Ocean Spray is the number-one product in the shelf-stable juice aisle, and one of the company’s top priorities is getting new products into the marketplace as quickly as possible while maintaining the exceptional quality they are known for.

One of their secrets to all this success? Recruiting the best talent, quickly.

"Our talent philosophy at Ocean Spray is about getting the right people into the right positions,” says Martin Mitchell, senior manager of talent and diversity. When Ocean Spray posts a job opening, the company often receives 100-150 applications for the position.

Due to time constraints, hiring managers had to limit their selections to five candidates and would conduct two rounds of phone screens per candidate. The process took about two weeks to complete. “We were looking for an alternative to speed up that process,” says Mitchell, “How could we get candidates through the pipeline quicker, engage them, and then show them a little bit about Ocean Spray and how we are an innovative organization?”

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