HireVue as part of its standard recruiting process, across all requisitions

Better assets for coding and cultural fit
Remove resume bias and promote diversity
Team Acceleration improved offer rate by 30%
Easily distinguish top 2% of 4K Candidate Pool

Power Design recruits for a myriad of positions both within its corporate offices and out in the field. From accountants to high level officers, project managers, engineers and superintendents – Power Design tracks 60 different titles across job functions.

“Our biggest recruiting challenge is to find experts who have the right skills to perform highly complex, technical installations on a high rise building project – and fast,” said Conrad. “It can be somewhat of a needle in a haystack problem – finding the right combination of technical skill and business acumen to fill our positions, across 17 different states, is certainly a unique challenge.”

Conrad added, “Certainly since the downturn in the economy back in 2008, there are fewer highly skilled, engineers and construction workers in the market. We are certainly feeling the effects of the skills shortage. What’s more, when we do find the best talent, we need to get them in quickly – before our competition.

Power Design needed a better way to screen and recruit the best talent in the marketplace – across multiple geographies and time zones – in order to quickly staff up their projects. “Using traditional recruitment methods including agencies, was proving difficult and not very effective,” said Conrad. “We realized we needed a better way to get ahead of the curve and get to the best talent, quickly.”

Conrad continued, “We actually had been using digital interviewing at the time, but it was a first generation technology that wasn’t meeting our needs, and it didn’t integrate with our Applicant Tracking System. Usability was also a barrier, and there were not a lot of options to brand the candidate experience.”

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Tyson Conrad

Tyson Conrad

Head of Staffing, Power Design

Power Design is now using HireVue as part of its standard recruiting process, across all requisitions. No candidate is flown in to the company’s headquarters for a final round interview unless the CEO has reviewed their digital interview and approved them to move forward in the process.

Conrad said, “Before HireVue, we’d find ourselves bringing candidates in to interview with our executives who were great on paper and the phone, but ultimately didn’t deliver on our expectations and professional requirements. So it was costing us a lot of money in lost productivity, administration, and scheduling, not to mention travel costs.

Now, Conrad’s team will have each candidate complete a HireVue digital interview, that the hiring executive will

review, and then bring in only the best candidates for final in-person interviews. Executives now spend their time with these highly qualified candidates on selling the position, opportunity and company, rather than spending “courtesy” time with the wrong candidates

HireVue has really helped us become more strategic in our recruitment process by giving us much more insights into a candidate earlier in the process, and ultimately focusing our time on the right candidates. Time is money in our business, and we’ve seen dramatic impacts to our bottom line as a result

The Results

Time to Fill Slashed By 3 Weeks

Power Design defines this metric from the day the requisition opens, to the new hire’s first day on the job, so they factor in notice time to a previous employer, relocation time, etc. With HireVue, they reduced time to fill 20% - going from 88 days to 70 days with HireVue. Conrad said, “Our original goal was to get this down to 74 days, but with HireVue, we were able to surpass this. The time and money associated with this reduction is nearly $1 million dollars annually since we’re able to get critical positions filled quickly, and have our employees start contributing to the bottom line much faster.”

67% Reduction in Agency Fees

Power Design’s use of recruitment agencies has significantly dropped, since they gain more insight into a candidate earlier in the recruitment process, and reduce administrative time spend on pre-screening phone calls. Conrad added, “We were looking to reduce agency spend by 25% but ended up more than doubling our savings here thanks to digital interviews.”

Improved Interview to Offer Ratio

In order to streamline and quicken the recruitment process, Power Design wanted to improve its interview to offer ratio. For every three digital interviews we pass along to hiring managers and executives, we are able to make two offers. This is a significant improvement prior to going digital.

Reduced Turnover / Improved Quality of Hire

“We have seen a dramatic drop in our turnover rate since going digital as well,” said Conrad. “We attribute this to a much better vetting process, and the ability to have more visibility into a candidate’s communication style, cultural fit, and skills, earlier on in the process. This has translated into a better quality of hire for us at Power Design as well, which gives us a leg up against the competition.”

Hiring Managers Rave

Response from hiring managers has been very positive. Managers know so much more about a candidate before they are brought in for a final round interview. It allows them to focus on selling the opportunity to the candidate, rather than conducting a formal interview. Power Design hiring managers also report digital interviews are a huge time saver and allow them to return to their day job much more quickly.

Digital Advice to Other Companies

“If you’re doing high volume hiring, or recruiting across geographies, digital interviews are a great way to help bridge the gap. I’ve been particularly impressed with HireVue’s Support team – they are available 24x7 and have been extremely responsive. The service has been great. For what you’re currently spending on valuable time wasted with the wrong candidates, on administration and scheduling, not to mention travel costs, you’ll save 10 fold with HireVue,” concluded Conrad.

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    "With HireVue's Team Acceleration technology we immediately saw a decrease in our screening time,” ... “We’re now able to provide candidate feedback much faster - and all within HireVue"

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    "... Our recruiting process was extremely manual and our volume of applicants was overwhelming – not an innovative experience for our candidates or our hiring team"

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    "HireVue was the clear choice for a digital recruiting partner. They were the leader in this space but also had tremendous branding capabilities, 24x7x365 candidate and user support, and had experience all over the globe which was crucial for us"

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    "We were expanding our sales force, including doubling our inside sales team, and knew we needed to make improvements to our overall strategy"

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    "With HireVue, we were able to hire 12 inside sales reps in less than three weeks; without HireVue, this would have taken at least eight weeks"

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    "When we first met with HireVue and saw the capabilities, we knew inherently that this was something the store managers would get excited about. The ability to use on demand interviews to gain insight into the candidates was extremely compelling."

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    "We were attracted to digital recruiting initially as a way of reducing the travel cost we were spending on candidate travel by utilizing the live interview functionality. This is probably why many organizations consider this technology, but we’ve learned that there are so many more benefits to digital recruiting"

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    "One of the great benefits of HireVue is that the candidates can completely differentiate themselves without bias"

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    "HireVue has given our team the ability to be more selective with their time on campus and ensure they’re meeting with students who have the greatest potential."

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    “We knew that this would be a solution that would offer tremendous benefits to the recruiters and to the hiring managers.”

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    “We knew that this would be a solution that would offer tremendous benefits to the recruiters and to the hiring managers.”

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  • “We knew that this would be a solution that would offer tremendous benefits to the recruiters and to the hiring managers.”

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    “We knew that this would be a solution that would offer tremendous benefits to the recruiters and to the hiring managers.”

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    “We knew that this would be a solution that would offer tremendous benefits to the recruiters and to the hiring managers.”

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