More Candidates Considered
More Candidates Considered
87% Time
87% Time Reduction
100% Quality Improvement
100% Quality Improvement
131% ROI
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131% ROI in Year One
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Building a high volume customer support team at scale

Rackspace offers deep expertise across leading cloud technologies with associated offerings like managed security. Rackspace serves customers in 150 countries across the globe and its team of 5,700 "Rackers" delivers unparalleled service to customers to make computing simple and powerful for businesses. Rackspace's results-obsessed customer service has been a part of the company's DNA since 1999.

"Fanatical Support is at the core of everything we do,"explained Bryan Carter, director of customer care at Rackspace."Our Customer Service Technician role is an entry level position, but as a direct connection to our customers and as a feeder for other roles, it is without a doubt one of the most critical in the organization."

“Our Customer Service Technician role is a high volume position, and we didn’t have a way to identify the right people at scale. We were spending massive amounts of time interviewing and needed a better solution”

Identifying Service Skills at Scale was Time Consuming & Costly

“We need talent that possess a customer service mindset and we need to be able to hone in on it quickly,” said Carter.

The team at Rackspace turned to HireVue as a solution to transform their recruiting process, leveraging video and data to help them identify and screen the ideal Customer Service team.

HireVue Technology Helps Rackspace to Build Customer Service Teams at Scale - Cutting Interview Time by Nearly 90%

Before HireVue


1110 hours

Cycle Time

42 days

Before HireVue

After HireVue


140 hours

Cycle Time

21 days

HireVue Right
“The time savings have been tremendous,” said Lauren Parra, Recruiter for Rackspace. “On average, each quarter, the leadership team and recruiters were spending over 1,110 hours on phone screens and interviews, with the majority of those hours being spent on the phone. Now we’re down to about 140 hours per quarter and the majority of that time is spent face to face with candidates. We’ve seen the time savings further result in hiring costs savings from $48,000 (previously) to $6,148 per quarter.”

Diverse Question Types Hone in on Ideal Candidate Traits

Rackspace utilizes a variety of question types to gauge the traits it’s looking for and wouldn’t be able to identify on a resume.

“We went through a very methodical process designing our interviews,” explained Carter. “We use scenario based questions to see how the candidate will react in that situation, as well as gauging empathy and understanding of customer concerns. The written responses give us insight into their grammar, how they’d introduce themselves to a customer or how they’d sign off in an email. The diversity of question types provides us with a whole picture of a candidate, making it easy to identify the best.”

Quality of Candidates Improve as Interview-to-Hire Rates Double

The ability to quickly assess top candidates has surfaced better quality candidates to the hiring teams. “Our interview-to-hire average was around 23% before HireVue,” said Carter. “Now we’ve nearly doubled it, averaging around 50%. We have confidence that we’re hiring the best candidates because we have access to more candidates now than ever before. We’ve increased both the number of candidates initially screened and those brought in face to face. HireVue has allowed for almost 3 times the amount of candidates to be reviewed by the team, in the same amount of time.”

Customer Service & Talent Teams Closely Align to Create Stellar Candidate Experience

Rackspace’s talent and customer teams partnered to ensure the transition was successful and the candidate experience was enhanced.

“We locked ourselves in a room and attacked problems one at a time. You can’t just translate your standard interview into digital. We were very strategic about the process and it was essential for the recruiting team to know what answers we wanted so we could build the interview around that,” Carter said.

Parra agreed that the partnership was critical for success. “The process for candidates is so creative. We’ve tweaked it again and again to make it more efficient and engaging for candidates. The intro-video is awesome and our mission of Fanatical Support™ is crystal clear. Our recruiters and hiring teams have developed great partnerships as they continually work together to create streamlined processes to ensure consistent and exceptional candidate experiences.”

Team Leads Love Video

“Our team leads absolutely love the switch to HireVue. Our hiring teams feel a stronger connection to the candidate when they meet them face-to-face, the process is so much more engaging and consistent. All of this equates to a more seamless process for candidates, hiring team, and ultimately has freed up our leaders for more time spent focusing on customer outcomes,” Carter concluded.