Sonic Automotive Trades In Outdated Hiring Methods for Video Intelligence

$10M Potential Profit Increase
Sales Vacancies Filled Nearly 40% Faster 
Sales Performance Improves Over 20%
Turnover Decreased

Company: Sonic Automotive 

Industry: Auto Retailer 

Employees: 10,000

Challenge: Front line managers tasked with identifying, recruiting and developing sales & service associates nationwide in a high attrition and decentralized environment.

You may not know Sonic Automotive by name, but this Fortune 500 brand is one of the largest automotive retailers in the country with more than 100 locally branded dealerships nationwide.

John Perez, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition explains challenges related to both talent processes and perception. “The sales process in our industry hasn’t changed since the 1940’s. We need to align our talent with today’s buyers, which has had a number of challenges. We’ve had to overcome the stereotypes that people who sell vehicles are of low character, and identify top talent in a decentralized, high turnover environment.”

“One of the biggest hurdles to overcome was the hiring teams’ time. They simply had no time to source and interview the candidates coming in through our applicant tracking system. Not only was time a factor for internal resistance, but also they tend to trust their own intuition and experience more than science. They would rely on employee referrals and the majority of applicants weren’t ever responded to. We knew we had to find a better way that was more efficient, empower us to find better talent, and provided an improved candidate experience. - John Perez, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition 

Sonic Automotive Reimagines Talent with HireVue

Sonic Automotive rolled out HireVue as a solution to offer scale, efficiency and consistency to their hiring processes. Applicants are invited to take a video interview and assessment and those highest scoring are sent to the hiring teams to review.

“Now we’re offering a way to screen talent by truly looking at a candidate’s competencies in a way that meets the needs and time restrictions of our hiring leaders. The hiring team is learning to trust the science behind the technology and now tell me how much they love HireVue and how it’s enabled them to make better hiring decisions.”


The Results: Profitability Skyrockets & Vacancies Drop

Since introducing HireVue, Sonic Automotive has seen a significant impact across their business including sales performance, profitability and time to fill.

“Sales vacancies cost our dealerships an average of $500 per day in lost sales. By filling our 800+ sales associates over 30 days faster, we’ve seen a potential profit increase of over $10 million just in the last year. Not only has having vacancies filled faster impacted revenue, but also those hired through HireVue’s video intelligence, as well as a customized assessment, have been higher performing. Our sales associates on average are selling 2 more vehicles per month than those hired through other methods, reinforcing that the technology works. We are bringing in new talent rather than the same retreaded salesperson who’s gone from dealership to dealership.”

While turnover continues to be a challenge in the automotive industry, Sonic Automotive also saw their retention improve over 20% when hiring teams utilized the new hiring solutions.

Lastly, their candidate experience has been positively impacted as well.

“We are responding to our applicants in a timely manner and giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their passion and abilities. By using technology to align with our brand and position ourselves as innovative and forward-thinking, our employer brand has been improved.”

Interview, assess, and coach with the HireVue Video Intelligence platform. It has never been easier to get the best talent in less time.