Optimize Your Evaluations with Assessments

An assessment for every role at every level? We have a solution for that

Build tomorrow's workforce today

Assessments allow TA teams to effectively evaluate and prioritize their true top talent. And with our expanded suite of options, HireVue offers an assessment for every type of job there is. Learn what our game-based, interview-based, technical, leadership, and Virtual Job Tryout® assessments can do for your organization.

Back your decisions with data—not bias

Don’t let unconscious bias seep into hiring decisions. Make your hiring process fairer by assessing talent on the factors that actually predict success—including hard skills, soft skills, and overall mindset. Our solutions are tested for bias before they’re made available to users, so we can confidently mitigate bias and provide data-backed decision-support to hiring teams.

Hire faster and support ROI

Bad hires cost money, so ensure you’re making smart decisions. Assessments allow teams to ensure all candidates are evaluated equally and are completed in a quick, user-friendly experience—supporting faster hiring times. Don’t waste time (or money) on poor, slow hiring. Quickly assess your talent and start reaching your full potential.

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