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Your all-in-one virtual video interviewing solution that makes hiring simple

  • On-demand & live video interviewing
  • Easy to implement
  • ATS integration
  • Dedicated support
  • Built to scale recorded video interviews
  • Enterprise security

Start hiring faster and fairer without sacrificing quality

HireVue’s technology means your organisation no longer relies on CVs or assumptions. By standardising the interview process at scale with video, game-based and coding assessments, you can evaluate what truly matters. Source more candidates, save time and hire the best talent.

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Unilever provides top talent faster

A global leader in consumer goods, Unilever wants to attract the best talent. But outdated processes, manual assessments, and 250k applications meant it took 6 months to hire. Unilever partnered with HireVue to create an end-to-end digital hiring experience that filtered 80% of applicants and surfaced those most likely to succeed. The process was rated positive by 80% of candidates, saved Unilever £1m annually, and improved DE&I hiring goals by 16%.


We had to ensure we had a digital process, but one that that felt very human, not robotic, and it had to be better and more efficient at selecting candidates than an in-person interview.”

— Melissa Gee Kee
Strategy Director to the CHRO & Global HR4HR Director

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