1. Check your equipment and connection ahead of time.
You should check your equipment and connection ahead of time by clicking the link in your invitation email, and signing into your interview. You will NOT immediately begin your interview.  The HireVue system will check your internet connection and your equipment. After you see “Success”, just close down your web browser and come back when you’re ready for the real interview.

2. Use a hardwired connection rather than Wi-Fi if possible.

  • Disconnect from any corporate remote VPN's your computer may have.
  • Close down all programs besides your web browser.
  • Ask family members to stop streaming services (internet games, video, and music).

3. Adobe Flash Player is required.
You will need to have Adobe Flash Player version 10 or higher installed.  If you do not, you will be prompted by HireVue to download it.

4. You can use your computers built in webcam, or your own USB webcam.
Our minimum system requirement is 1.3 megapixel video. Many PC integrated webcams and USB webcams meet this requirement.  Mac laptop computers also meet this requirement, and are fully compatible.

5. Look at the camera, not at the screen.
Looking at your webcam while speaking gives the feeling of eye contact to the person on the other end.

6. Be aware of your lighting, positioning, and background.
Pay close attention to how you look during setup. Ideally, place a source of light in front of you, and avoid sources of bright light (i.e. windows) directly behind you, as this can make it hard to see your face.

7. How should I dress?
We recommend that you dress exactly as you would if you were meeting for a traditional face-to-face interview with this company.

8. What if I lose the connection during the interview?
Don’t panic. Simply log back in by clicking the Reconnect button.  You will be returned to your last unanswered question.

9. Do the practice questions.
Taking the practice questions will help you get comfortable with the style and timing of an On Demand interview.  These are NOT real questions from your interview set, and will not be seen by the company.