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Keynote: Kevin Parker

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Keynote: Loren Larsen

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Keynote: Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

An AI for an Eye: Myths, Facts, and Fads on the Ethics and Bias of AI vs Human Recruitment

This talk has just one objective: to evaluate whether AI can outsmart human intuition when it comes to predicting and understanding human performance at work. To that end, it will examine the scientific evidence for the accuracy of new generation prediction tools vis-a-vis traditional assessment methods, paying particular attention to the issue of bias, as well as ethical implications.

Headshot of Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic


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Breakout Sessions

What Coding Challenges Did for Deloitte Canada and Why They Continue The Journey

When it comes to technical hiring, sometimes talent acquisition and other interviewers spend a lot of time trying to assess a candidate’s technical skills, often to varying degrees of success. This can lead to wasted time and money. In this session, learn how Deloitte Canada used HireVue's CodeVue assessment to break the cycle. From thousands saved in billable hours, to hiring managers advocating for the use of the tool, Deloitte created an environment of trust and excellence for technical hiring.

Headshot of Georgia Ilios

Georgia Ilios

Deloitte Canada

How to Implement, Optimize, and Maximize Your HireVue Solution

In this panel, leading organizations will discuss their top lessons learned in areas such as gaining buy-in, driving adoption, optimizing existing solutions, successfully adding new functionality, and the overall maximization of their HireVue solution. Learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to make them! This session will be interactive, so come prepared with questions and get ready to walk away with a gameplan.

Headshot of Wendy Gallerani

Wendy Gallerani


Headshot of Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman


Headshot of Kelsey Price

Kelsey Price

Spring Venture Group

Headshot of Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson

Estee Lauder

How Talent Acquisition at Caltex Leveraged Technology To Create Value During Rapid Growth and Unprecedented Hiring

When revenue dollars shifted from fuel to food, Caltex took advantage of their core competencies in retail and supply chain to shift, too. With the goal of increasing their company-owned retail stores by 10x in two years, hiring the right people with a new skill set became imperative. In this session, learn how Caltex was able to utilize technology smarts in combination with the human connection to thrive through this period of change and high-growth -- all with a team of only five recruiters.

Headshot of Kathryn Farnell

Kathryn Farnell

Caltex Australia

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Breakout Sessions

The Symbiotic Candidate Experience - How Keurig Dr Pepper Builds Trust

Knowing that candidates demand full transparency, convenience, and open communication, Keurig Dr Pepper set about rethinking the way they use HireVue OnDemand technology to exceed candidate expectations. In this session learn how Keurig Dr Pepper revolutionized the candidate experience to increase NPS scores, decrease time-to-fill, decrease no-shows, and empower their recruiters. But they aren’t done yet! With a focus on increased retention, the talent acquisition team is forging on full steam ahead.

Headshot of Sherri Rassmussen

Sherri Rasmussen

Keurig Dr Pepper

Headshot of Stephanie Ketelhut

Stephanie Ketelhut

Keurig Dr Pepper

How Technology Has Changed Talent Acquisition and Why TA Leaders Love It

In this panel discussion, learn how talent acquisition leaders from HEB, Molex, and United Technologies were all able to drive change that not only created tremendous value for their organizations, but truly transformed the talent acquisition function. What began as goals around process ROI has become a colossal upheaval in the TA function. Technology has enabled TA to shine a light on their significant contribution to outcome ROI, build stronger relationships, and revolutionize their trade. These transformation stories will inspire you to think differently about the impact you can have on your organization.

Headshot of Lisa Krause

Lisa Krause


Headshot of Jenn Ross

Jenn Ross


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3:30 pm

Breakout Sessions

How Carnival Cruise Line Took Control of The Recruiting Strategy to Effect Change

Carnival Cruise Line hires approximately 8,000 employees a year. From nurses to cooks to entertainers to officers, Carnival must staff their fleet well before they set sail. Traditionally cruise lines have relied on third-party agencies and the same short-list of European academies to recruit officers, resulting in a homogenized demographic of candidates. Carnival knew they could do better! Through a combination of their ATS, HireVue OnDemand and Live interviews, departmental alignment, and some key personnel changes, Carnival was able to take recruiting into their own hands. By displacing the third-party agency and creating partnerships with academies across the globe, Carnival has dramatically diversified their candidate pool, and increased their female:male officer ratio. Set sail with Carnival as you learn how they took control and reaped the rewards.

Headshot of Ashley Spencer

Ashley Spencer

Carnival Cruise Line

Why Qualified Professionals On The Autism Spectrum Are Underemployed and How You Can Help Break the Cycle

Professionals with autism are having a hard time finding gainful employment. One big reason? Because traditional hiring practices are not equipped to deal with the neurodiverse candidate. Recruiters are often not trained to understand the nuances that come into play when interviewing, and candidates are often uncomfortable with the processes and procedures required to land a job. The result is a missed opportunity for both. In this session learn how Integrate Autism Employment Advisors, a HireVue partner, can help you to design a recruitment plan and process to attract and hire qualified professionals on the autism spectrum. Sharing best practices in mentoring, training, assessing, screening and more, Integrate will show you how to build a foundation for hiring autistic professionals. Integrate is a non-profit that works with organizations to help them identify, recruit and retain qualified professionals on the autism spectrum. Integrate helps companies become autism friendly employers of college graduates with autism by providing assessment, education and training, recruiting and ongoing support services to those organizations.

Headshot of Marcia Scheiner

Marcia Scheiner


Headshot of Tracy Powell-Rudy

Tracy Powell-Rudy


The Next Level in Hiring Evolution: Where Will HireVue Take You Next?

The hiring process is always improving as your organization is driven to better business results and better candidate experience. As your partner, HireVue is committed to evolving with you to ensure that you are always leading the pack in your talent acquisition efforts. In this session, learn where HireVue technology is headed next, and how our vision will help drive your organization to the next level of talent acquisition excellence.

4:15 pm

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Keynote: Ayanna Howard

How to Make AI Smarter – and Why We Should

There is both hope and fear regarding the advance of AI and robotic technologies: will they be our closest partners, or a threat to our jobs, safety, and well-being? Professor Ayanna Howard focuses on designing helpful systems with an emotional intelligence that appropriately reacts to human behavior. Robotic and AI development, she says, should focus on instilling in our creations rules of engagement: “Don’t harm us. Obey us. Protect us.” AI systems that are more human in their behavior and psychology are less likely to violate our social norms, and to be our friends rather than our enemies. In this presentation based on her widely-viewed TED Talk, “Make Robots Smarter,” Howard explains how she develops robots and other AI functions by incorporating everything she knows about human intelligence, behavior and neuroscience, with the aim of producing human-like machines that can empathize and reciprocate trust from actual people. With implications for leading tech companies, as well as the businesses and consumers who will be buying their devices, gadgets, and helpers, Howard explains that by making robots smarter and more human-like, we will be making them less like the dangerous cyborgs of science fiction.

Headshot of Ayanna Howard

Ayanna Howard, Ph.D.

College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology

6:00 pm

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General Session

9:45 am

General Session: Sharon Sands & Clemens Aichholzer

Why Heidrick & Struggles Uses HireVue AI Assessments To Evaluate Leadership Potential and Hire Executive Talent

Headshot of Sharon Sands

Sharon Sands

Heidrick and Struggles

Headshot of Clemens Aichholzer

Clemens Aichholzer


10:30 am


11:00 am

Keynote: Jason Averbook

Rethinking the Future of Work

Suddenly the whole world is going digital, everything is mobile, and the people you’re hiring and managing have better tech on their wrists than you used to find, hire and onboard them. The entire HR technology industry is talking about the future of work, the role of HR and next-generation technologies, and digital transformation. We are all experiencing the digital age, the advent and possibility of new technology, the chasm between the way it feels outside of work and the way it feels inside of work. Do you order a new laptop or check your vacation balance (inside of work) as easily as you order a Lyft or check your bank account balance (outside of work)? It's time to close the experience gap - and HR, you're the ones to do it. Jason Averbook discussed the role of HR and next-gen technologies: it’s not to serve the HR function, to make it easier for you to handle the workforce. The role of the next generation of technology is to serve the workforce.

Headshot of Jason Averbook

Jason Averbook


11:45 am


1:15 pm

Breakout Sessions

The Evolving Candidate Experience -- What Really Matters?

Everyone knows that a good candidate experience is a must. Candidates will not put up with slow (or nonexistent) communication, they expect transparency, and they demand respect (to name a few musts). But just as talent acquisition is quickly evolving, so are the expectations of your candidates. In this session learn how cutting-edge organizations are focusing on areas like data privacy, diversity and inclusion, and brand marketing to evolve the candidate journey from tired to inspired.

Headshot of James Spearing

James Spearing

PwC Canada

Headshot of Jared Bazzell

Jared Bazzell


Headshot of Marci Sigmund

Marci Sigmund


HireVue’s AI-driven Assessments: How Do They Work and Should I Trust Them?

You’ve heard a lot about AI. Depending on which article you’ve read, it will either be the savior or the downfall of talent acquisition, if not the whole human race. At HireVue we’re a lot more measured with our approach to AI. We understand that our AI-based HireVue Assessments are just an assist for highly skilled recruiting professionals. An objective and data-driven assist, but an assist nonetheless. In this session learn more about what HireVue Assessments are measuring, the “people science” behind them, how our models are designed to identify and remove bias from our algorithms, and why you and your team can trust that they will help you meet your lofty TA goals.

Headshot of Nathan Mondragon

Nathan Mondragon


2:00 pm

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Breakout Sessions

Preparing for Emerging AI and Data Privacy Legislation Around the World

From Illinois to California, from Europe to China, legislation and regulation related to the data privacy of individuals is beginning to emerge. Learn from Winston & Strawn Partner Sheryl Falk, who also co-leads the firm’s Global Security and Privacy Task Force, how to work with your legal team to prepare your organization for forthcoming regulation. She’ll update on the state of enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and discuss the challenge of keeping up with conflicting data privacy standards as GDPR-like legislation arises in Brazil, China, India, and Canada. Find out more about the emerging US laws, including the California Consumer Protection Act, biometric laws and the new Illinois AI in hiring laws and how they may affect your stewardship of candidate and employee data, as well as how to prepare for the coming federal legislation.

Headshot of Sheryl Falk

Sheryl Falk

Winston & Strawn LLP

“Organic Inclusion”: How Ultimate Software Built an Award-Winning Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Ultimate Software found the best way to become a diverse and inclusive organization is not to focus on being diverse, but simply to put people first. From being one of the first organizations to offer equal benefits to domestic partners, to creating and supporting a cornucopia of employee interest groups, Ultimate’s impressive employee diversity has happened organically. Learn how Ultimate Software created a culture where diversity flourishes, even at a time of incredible growth.

Headshot of Stephen Bartlett

Stephen Bartlett

Ultimate Software

3:00 pm


3:30 pm

Breakout Sessions

T-Mobile’s Passion for Creating A Diverse Culture Spawns New Sourcing Channels

Great talent comes in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, abilities, backgrounds, and ages. At T-Mobile, creating an open and welcoming environment for everyone starts with the talent acquisition team. In this session learn about many of the programs that have been established, the lessons learned, and the rewards reaped. From military hiring, to women in tech and leadership diversity goals, T-Mobile has a world-class diversity, inclusion and equity culture that will inspire you.

Headshot of Donna Wright

Donna Wright


How Nordstrom Transformed Tech Hiring and Achieved Unprecedented Success

Tech Talent is hard to find. Nordstrom must meet ambitious hiring goals to demonstrate they are the leading high fashion retailer in the market by offering the best shopping experience, both online and in-store. Many companies spend countless engineer hours on assessing technical talent, and as a result, endure interview fatigue. In this session, discover how Nordstrom continuously improves the hiring process by transitioning technical assessments to the hands of their recruiters, finds new ways to evaluate talent, and substantially grew their early in career talent pipeline, all while creating a lasting impression for their candidates.

Headshot of Chris Trask

Chris Trask


I Never Thought Of That!: How to Use HireVue In New and Interesting Ways

Let’s face it: In today’s world, video interviewing has become the norm, and HireVue and our customers feel proud to have led the charge on this transformative technology. But there is so much more that you can do with the technology that you already have at your fingertips! In this session hear about some interesting, creative and impactful ways that other companies are using HireVue to meet their organizational goals. From executive hiring, to accessibility, and coaching, these customers are on the cutting edge when it comes to improving how we hire.

Headshot of Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart


Headshot of Shelton Banks

Shelton Banks

re:work training

Headshot of Erin Kap

Erin Kap

Intermountain Healthcare

4:15 pm

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Keynote: Jamie Lee Curtis

Building An Award Winning Life

From iconic films like Freaky Friday, True Lies, Trading Places, and A Fish Called Wanda, to name a few, Jamie Lee Curtis’ roles are indelibly imprinted into mainstream consciousness. Her road to success was not an easy one and now she shares candid, funny and moving stories of her journey. In an industry known for rejection and superficiality, Curtis has successfully managed to stay relevant and versatile, all the while facing her personal challenges, overcoming her setbacks and finding her way through to the joy and peace of a successful life. A passionate advocate for issues ranging from The Red Cross to The American Heart Association, Curtis is also an example of using one's platform to make a positive impact in the world.

Headshot of Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

Actress, Author, and Activist

5:30 pm

General Session: Wrap Up

6:30 pm

Dinner and Closing Party