HireVue Horizon Business Case

You know how important HireVue Horizon is for expanding your network, growing your career, and contributing to your overall talent acquisition know-how. But does your boss know why it’s worth the T&E? Below is a guide to help you make the business case for your attendance and, more importantly, your professional growth.

Small Investment, Big Reward


We all know that when you ask your boss to go to a conference the first thing she has to consider is how much it will cost her budget. Conferences have fees, and you often end up expensing meals, transportation, and other ad hoc expenses. Here is the good news: HireVue Horizon is different! You pay one low fee, and we cover all of your food, drinks, and entertainment for the entire event (including opening and closing night entertainment). While you will need to pay for your own airfare and hotel, we’ve secured a great price for rooms, and the San Diego Airport is an international hub with multiple flight options. Since the majority of organizations have budget set aside for employee training and learning, this is a great opportunity to use the educational funds available to you.


Beyond the reasonable hard cost of Horizon, there are much bigger financial reasons to attend. While there, you’ll hear from many HireVue customers just like you, who have utilized best practices to save their companies time and money. Whether that be in the form of reduction in turnover, process efficiencies, better interview-to-hire ratios, or other amazing results, you’ll learn directly from others what they did to impact their bottom line. Horizon is about arming you with real solutions that you can implement today, that will make your talent acquisition organization better tomorrow.

Tip: Look at flight schedules before you talk to your boss in order to find an affordable flight that will not put your boss into sticker shock. Being specific and upfront about all expenses will help her see that this is a small investment with a big reward.

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Know The Facts

Nothing is worse than asking your boss for something, just to discover that you can’t answer all of her questions. First, understand the basics: where, when, why, etc. Here is a synopsis of the conference logistics to make things easy for you:

  • Name: HireVue Horizon
  • Date: Sept 23-25 (with an opening reception inclusive of  food on Sept. 22nd)
  • Location: San Diego, CA at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort
  • Hard Cost: Conference fee + hotel + airfare
  • Soft Cost: How will this impact your workflow? Do you have any major due dates or projects during this time? Will this put any undue burden on your coworkers? Have a plan of attack prepared in advance in an effort to minimize the impact of your absence.

Why THIS Conference?

You found the budget, you made the time, but you still need to prove that HireVue Horizon is worth it. Here are some facts and tips that can help you build the business case for your unique situation:

Talent acquisition is a quickly evolving field.

New technologies, new skills and new candidate preferences emerge every day.  With today’s labor market, you can’t afford to keep relying on the same way of finding, hiring and developing talent. HireVue is on the cutting edge of technology and our customers are finding new and innovative ways to hire quality candidates daily. There is simply no better conference in the talent acquisition space to learn how to push your organization into the future.  

HireVue works with some of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world.

In fact, we work with over 40% of Fortune’s Most Admired companies. And, since Horizon is purposely kept small, that means you will walk away with new connections and new insights from the leading minds in the industry.

Your brand is not too shabby, either!

Attending Horizon allows you to showcase your brand, and align yourself with all of the other cutting edge organizations in attendance.

We all have personal development goals.

How does Horizon content align to yours? With two full days of breakouts and keynotes, there are bound to be multiple opportunities for you to check a few of those development boxes.

Tip: Be prepared to talk specifically about what you intend to learn, from who, and why that learning will help you to better your organization.

Be prepared to share what you learn.

Not everyone can attend every conference. Be committed to sharing your learnings with your coworkers upon your return. Have a plan in place, with specific topics in mind, for sharing the insights you learned with your team. It does no good to learn a lot of great stuff just to keep it to yourself! Show your boss that this is more than just an investment in your personal development, but rather an investment for the whole team.

Tip: Share with her why others have attended (because sometimes we just need a third-party endorsement).

You’re Prepared! Now What?

You likely already know how your boss prefers to be communicated with, but here are a few ideas to help you find the right time to make your ask: Add it to your 1:1 agenda, craft an email, or prepare a short presentation. Whatever the best way, just remember to incorporate all of the important aspects that we have discussed here. Be as prepared as possible to answer questions (or better yet, answer them before they are asked), and remember that it’s ok if she throws you a curveball. It is always best to be honest and come back later with an answer to a question you weren’t prepared for.

Finally, don’t forget what your mother taught you! Always remember to say thank you. Whether that be for approving your request, or just for taking the time to consider it.

We look forward to seeing you at Horizon!