Helping the Public Sector Navigate Complex Hiring Challenges

HireVue helps government agencies compete with the private sector for top talent by expanding the talent pool and eliminating barriers in the hiring process. Incorporating video interviews and modern pre-hire assessments enables public sector organizations to increase the diversity of their talent pool, engage with candidates authentically, and identify top talent quickly.

HireVue meets the strict security demands of the US government and is the only US FedRAMP Authorized video interviewing and assessment platform. HireVue is also available as a service via OPM’s HR Solutions Program and complies with the Delegated Examining Unit (DEU) and Direct Hiring Authority (DHA) requirements.


Federal Civilian

Filling federal civilian roles is difficult because competition with the private sector is high and the candidate pool is often restricted by the capacity to effectively screen the volume of applicants. In order to manage high volumes of candidates, agencies limit the amount of time the positions are open and rely on self assessments and resume reviews to understand potential. But resumes oversimplify the vetting process, focusing on characteristics that are known to be less predictive of performance like GPA, previous experience, or tenure. Phone screens are also highly unstructured, leading to even greater variability in hiring outcomes. HireVue helps to structure the interview process with video interviews or pre-hire assessments, creating a consistent and fair evaluation of candidates, and resulting in a more inclusive process with better hiring outcomes.


Defense & Intelligence

Keeping America safe has never been more difficult, and the need to attract the best military members and DoD civilians has never been greater. To meet these unprecedented challenges, recruiting and retaining the best individuals to serve as both is paramount. HireVue enables defense & intelligence agencies to overcome these challenges by providing a modern and inclusive candidate experience resulting in more applicants while increasing the diversity of your talent pool. Incorporating a structured and scalable interview process enables you to quickly evaluate candidates to ensure you can identify and hire the best candidate for every role.


State & Local

Covid-19 has created an unprecedented environment for state and local governments. Tax shortfalls and an increase in the need for services requires agencies to adapt their hiring process to accommodate a rapidly changing landscape. Health and Human Services need to fill vacant nurse, paramedic, and social worker positions to quickly adjust to increased demands. Public School Systems need to hire the right teachers that can connect with their students virtually and in class. Police Officer qualifications are changing due to a shifting law enforcement paradigm. The HireVue platform enables state & local governments to navigate this complex environment by offering a hiring process that can quickly identify the skills necessary to be successful beyond what is possible with the traditional resume screen and interview process.

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