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HireVue builds and coaches the world’s best hospitality teams. Our Team Acceleration Software helps you open new properties in record time, deliver a stronger brand experience, boost customer loyalty, maximize revenue and margins.

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Build A Richer Brand Experience.

It’s your brand. It makes you stand out. It’s why they’re loyal to you. And it’s service that connects your brand to your customers. A bad customer interaction can ruin your experience for a single hotel and keep travelers from ever coming back under any of your roofs.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform uses digital video with predictive analytics to give you instant visibility into the service attributes that matter – things like personality, communication skills, cultural fit and customer empathy.


Loyalty Programs That Grow. Faster.

Your loyalty program works wonders for repeat business. Finding a few staff members that drive loyalty program enrollment is easy but making sure every staff member is great at selling your loyalty program is impossible – with what you’re doing today.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform helps you hear what your team says and how they say it. You can finally know who gets it and coach those who don’t.


Hire People That Perform. Train People That Stay.

You hire them because your guests need them. You train them so that your guests love them. What happens when they leave your hotel as service experts and go to work for your competitors? 60% turnover is an expensive industry challenge but it doesn’t have to be yours.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform helps you build a better team that stays. Customers report 13% more “top performers??? and 29% less turnover.


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