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HireVue helps our public sector clients to build and coach a modern government workforce. At the federal, state, and local levels - for feds, civilians, and contractors - our Team Acceleration Software helps you achieve your mission by attracting top talent and raising the bar on hire quality through a rich and innovative experience.

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Improved Civilian Experience.

Citizens expect to interact with your agency in a modern way.   All too often your hiring solutions do not match up to this expectation, and you lose top talent to private sector companies.  How do you ensure you are able to meet workforce goals with shrinking budgets?  How do you stand out against more engaging private sector experiences?

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform uses digital video to help you create a rich, modern experience that connects candidates to your agency. You will engage them by allowing them to tell their story from their mobile device on their own time. Hiring authorities have visibility into the attributes that matter, like communication and analytical skills, instinct and cultural fit. These attributes and mission critical goals are built into predictive analytics that allow you to make more data driven and objective hiring decisions in less time.


Next Generation Government Workforce.

Only 16% of the government workforce is Millennials….and this number is declining.  The government hiring process can be a frustrating mystery to this talent pool.  You need the ability to showcase your agency's mission and let candidates demonstrate their capabilities related to your work.  As nearly half of the federal workforce becomes retirement eligible, how do you ensure that you have the pipeline of candidates to fill the next generation of government roles?

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform uses digital video to give you instant visibility into the attributes that matter – all while delivering on candidate expectations of a fast, modern, engaging experience.  Predictive analytics maximize the objectivity of your hiring process, removing personal bias and allowing agencies to make data driven hiring decisions.


A National Security Threat.

Cybersecurity candidate demand far outweighs the available qualified talent pool - and attracting and keeping the ‘best of the best’ is a top challenge in government hiring - and a real threat to national security. Identification of top talent in this area should be immediate; and speed is key in landing this coveted skill set. Are you confident your current hiring process is fast enough to capture them and offers the amazing experience they need?

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform helps you create a candidate experience that connects and engages passive, hard to secure candidates by allowing them to introduce themselves via video from their mobile devices at their convenience.  They can show off their skills and demonstrate their talents through various technology challenges - and you can get to know the person behind code as well.

Leveraging HireVue’s predictive analytics and workflow automation they get the experience and instant feedback this critical talent pool requires.  

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