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Utilizing Assessments in Your High Volume Recruiting Strategy

Whether you are opening a new store, staffing up for the holidays, or simply have more applicants than openings, HireVue Assessments can help you quickly identify the candidates that have the same characteristics as your top performers.

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts with OnDemand Interviews

70% of HireVue retail interviews are conducted outside of normal business hours. Scheduling interviews can be difficult when dealing with candidates who don’t have traditional schedules, but it should not be a barrier to interviewing quickly. HireVue OnDemand video interviews allow candidates to record their interview anytime from anywhere.


Candidates have the same expectations as consumers whether they are in a physical store or online. Adopting a solution that allows you to control the end-to-end candidate experience will ensure your candidates remain consumers even if they are not offered a position.


Event based hiring can be a great retail recruitment tactic to staff for a store opening or seasonal/surge hiring needs, but the window of opportunity is typically small. Apply rules and logic to schedule based on real-time calendar availability or allow candidates to self-schedule their desired time slot.

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