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HireVue’s Team Acceleration Software helps you differentiate from competitors, deliver a more modern digital experience, and boost revenue growth and operating margins.

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Get Paid Faster.

The faster you find a great candidate for your client, the faster you get paid. You can only meet a few candidates when you have to call each one. You waste 30 minutes with each candidate even though you knew they weren’t a fit in the first 30 seconds. Days go by without speaking with a single great candidate and your competition fills the position.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform uses digital video with predictive analytics to give you instant visibility into the team attributes – things like personality, communication skills, cultural fit and customer empathy – and specialized skills that matter for any position, any industry.


Maximum Recruiter Revenue.

You’ve taken the time to hire great recruiters. They can find incredible candidates but they can only handle a handful of positions. They need more time or they need a better solution.

HireVue Team Acceleration Platform allows recruiters to interview 4x or more candidates in the same amount of time as traditional phone interviews so your recruiters can handle a far bigger workload without any extra effort.


Talent Pipeline. Multiplied.

You spend countless hours sourcing for great talent. You build a pool of candidates that you can contact at any time to fill valuable positions. But what if you could build an even bigger pool of qualified candidates? What if you could forward your client a digital interview from that pool at any time and close the placement before your competition even started sourcing?

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform helps you reach more candidates in a fraction of the time, creating a digital talent pool for your current or next client. Ditch the paper applications. Just grab your favorite mobile device and stream candidate interviews 24×7 on demand.

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