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HireVue builds and coaches the world’s best tech teams. From data scientists and software developers to sales executives and account managers, our Team Acceleration Software helps you pinpoint the incredibly talented, attract and engage them faster than competitors, and drive continuous growth.

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Get Products To Market. Faster.

You need to deliver high quality products faster and faster to make sure you’re ahead of the competition, to keep marketing happy, to keep customers excited, to keep investors investing. You worry that if you manage the project with the wrong methodology you’ll fall behind. You worry that quality will be poor or it will take too long to develop if you choose the wrong language. Build a cohesive team of only world class developers and stop worrying. They’ll get it done.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform is the only platform to combine coding challenges with digital video to give you instant visibility into the developer skills that matter – things like knowledge of languages, coding speed, attention to detail, culture fit and passion.


More Revenue.

You’re forecasting, you’re managing territories, you’re doing a million things at once, and you’re about to miss your number. You know you’d blow way past your number if you had a few more people like your top reps. That is worth a fortune to you and your company but you don’t have the tools to find them and you don’t have the time.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform uses predictive analytics to give you instant visibility into the sales attributes that matter – things like personality, communication skills, cultural fit and customer empathy so that you can easily find more top performers.


Relationships That Grow. Not Churn.

Your Head of Customer Management has put processes in place to reduce churn, drive adoption, and increase account value. It’s working. But it’s obvious that customers only really flourish with your best account managers and you want to find more. The traditional hiring process won’t help you find what you need fast enough. You need a new process.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration Platform let’s you compare candidates across many different factors so that you can find that handful of account managers that will help drive churn down.

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