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On-Demand interviews

OnDemand Interviews are asynchronous recorded interviews a candidate can take when convenient for them using either a computer browser with a webcam or a mobile device via browser or with HireVue’s free iOS or Android applications. The candidate experience is established by the end user and includes branded, thematic elements as well as a predefined question set for all candidates to drive consistency. The end user sets all question text, question type, time limits, and length of the interview.

Live interviews

Live Interviews are synchronous interactions between one candidate and up to seven users at once. Candidates can be scheduled for multiple interview sessions, each with its own set of interviewers and scheduled start time. Question guides can be loaded into HireVue for these interviews to ensure consistency, though the questions are only visible to the interviewing participants so they can more easily manage the flow of the interview. Live interviews can be conducted using video and audio and can be conducted using a computer with a webcam or a mobile device using HireVue’s free iOS or Android applications. The invitations are calendar events and can be scheduled using Hirevue’s Coordinate tool for easier scheduling.

Shareable interview link

Shareable Interview Link is a sourcing solution that allows candidates to self-register for an interview set up by the end user. Enabling the sharable interview link generates a unique link for that position that can be used by anybody to sign up. HireVue includes the ability within the Platform to share this on Twitter, LinkedIn, or to create a QR Code that can be scanned by a mobile device.


CodeVue encompasses two distinct features that are designed to measure coding competency in many programming languages. The first of these is CodeVue questions, which are presented as coding challenges during an OnDemand Interview. HireVue includes a variety of pre-built challenges for this purpose, but also allows clients the ability to create their own custom challenges that may be more suited to the skills they are looking for. The second of these features is the CodeVue Whiteboard, which is a coding interface that is used during a Live Interview. The formatting of the typed text will follow the formatting of the selected programming language. Since Live Interviews include more than one participant, the Whiteboard can be used collaboratively by all participants to write, examine, understand, and correct code in real time.

Direct access links

Direct Access is a feature that enables users on an account to begin evaluations and join interviews without having to first enter their password. This feature is limited, for security, to a specific number of link clicks or a certain amount of time, whichever comes first. These links are included in emails that invite a user to complete a specific action, and are intended to be an easier way to get right to the work they have been asked to accomplish.

Public link access

Public Link Access gives the ability for a position owner or administrator to create a publicly accessible URL link to an interview or specific questions from that interview for review by stakeholders that exist outside of HireVue. The information that is shared about the candidate in this link is controlled by the account administrator, and can include any number (or none) of the following details: Additional Documents, Completed Date, email address, invited date, Resume, and a link to their personal website. The candidate’s name and the selected question responses will always be included.


HireVue has partnered with many ATS vendors and other partners to provide the ability of inviting candidates to an interview directly from your ATS or candidate CRM. In most integrations, users can invite candidates, view the status and review the interview from action links directly within your system of record. HireVue also has an open API if vendors not currently integrated would like to build our system.


HireVue Coordinate is a scheduling solution that integrates with calendar services (Gmail, Office 365) to make complex interview scheduling much easier to accomplish. Coordinate will take user defined criteria and search the integrated calendar(s) to find available interview slots. HireVue can be used to schedule traditional “phone screen” and “on-site” interviews that include instructions for the candidate and the ability to send an attachment, if needed. The invitations are calendar events and can be scheduled using HireVue Coordinate for easier scheduling.

HireVue assessments

HireVue Assessments is a solution that combines video interviews with validated, industrial/organizational science and artificial intelligence to predict which candidates have the most potential to perform well.


HireVue has a reporting dashboard that allows clients to view, filter, and export data related to candidate invitations and recordings. This includes dates, status, evaluation assignments, interview funnel, and more to allow clients anytime access to activity in their account.

Single sign-on

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows clients to add HireVue to their directory of systems by which a user can use their singular company login credentials to log in to HireVue.

Interview sharing

Recorded interviews can be shared with needed decision makers within an organization for increased visibility to interviewee. This can be locked down to include only email domains desired by clients.

Password security

Each user will need their own login information to access HireVue, which includes a password. Specific password requirements can be set to include number of characters, special characters, reset cadence, etc.

Branded themes

Branded themes help to enhance candidate/interviewee experience by extending client employment branding to the HireVue system. Opportunity exists to have multiple themes, which can be targeted to a specific candidate/interviewee population (i.e. campus, experienced, or geographically specific pages).

Team level settings

HireVue can support segmentation of user groups (by department, geography, etc.), which allows for settings to be determined at the team level to accommodate requirements of diverse user groups.

Custom question banks

Clients have the ability to add their existing interview questions into HireVue. Categories, time limits, and question types can be specified for easy creation of question sets by users.

Customizable deletion policies

While recordings default to being stored for 2 years, the HireVue system allows clients to determine how long interviews will be stored. This can be set at the account, team, and/or individual recording level.

Hiring assistant

Conversational AI automates monotonous recruiter tasks while providing candidates with the guidance and support they need throughout the entire hiring journey. In a self-guided and personalized experience, candidates interact with the chatbot allowing them to quickly find the job they are looking for, pre-screen for the role, schedule an interview, and receive automatic updates without any recruiter intervention. Direct text messaging (1:1 or 1:many) as well as automated scheduling is also available.

HireVue Service Levels

HireVue Service Levels