Sales Kickoff: What Happens After the Sales Training is Over?

Let's face it, sales training is everywhere. It's a familiar annual ritual:

complete sales training solution
  1. Have a sales kickoff and network a lot with your colleagues that serve in different sales territories.
  2. Have fun at night.
  3. After a week of listening to an instructor, get back on a plane with a suitcase full of sales training material and go to work.

Then . . .

You forget everything you just learned at the sales kickoff.

Don't let your sales training die when the sales kickoff ends.

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  • What steps you need to consider before the sales training event.
  • What are the critical but most often ignored details that will ensure success during the instructor led sales training event.
  • And what in the world to do after the event, to make sure your sales training doesn't die on the vine, but that there's appropriate and effective sales training reinforcement.

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eBook Excerpt

"When most people think about sales training, they think about an event—getting the team together for a day or two at the home office or in the basement of the Marriott, with a trainer, to learn the latest and greatest technique. A spiral-bound notebook, a few catered lunches, a couple of role plays and a motivational speech later, everyone goes back to their quest to make their number for the quarter.

In reality, the “event” is only one piece of what’s necessary to drive the change that leadership expects. Assuming that you will have an instructor-led sales training (ILT) event as part of your solution (still by far the most popular mode of delivering the initial training thrust), think of your solution in three phases: Before, During and After the ILT event . . ."