How to Use Data to Predict Your Future Rockstars

On-Demand Webinar

What if you could be given candidate and interviewer recommendations in the same way offers you product suggestions?

How organizations use their data can determine whether they sink or swim in the marketplace, so having the right data – and understanding how to use it – is crucial for companies seeking to stay ahead of their competition

Being able to combine your data with the power of predictive analytics can help you to discover and develop top talent, and use your best interviewers to do so.

Access this webinar to learn from the experts about the role of data in modern recruiting, how to find the best person for a fit, and how Chipotle is already using data to add value to their hiring strategy.



Jason Averbook, Chief Business Innovation Officer at Appirio

Tim Sackett, President of HRU

JD Cummings, National Recruiting Consultant, Chipotle Mexican Grill