WE HAVE TWO CATEGORIES FOR COACHING STYLES - THE MEDUSAS & THE JANUSES. In case you’re unfamiliar with Greek mythology, Medusa was a frightening Gorgon monster with snakes for hair. People would turn to stone if they looked directly at her. It’s safe to assume that Medusa wouldn’t have been a person that people would want to hang out with.

Then you have the Roman god, Janus, from whom we get “January”. Janus had two faces with which he could look both backwards and forwards. Janus could see someones past and then create whatever future he saw fit for that person. He would make his decision based on what they had done in their past. During the first month of the year, the Romans would give their best crops to Janus hoping that he would give them an even more bountiful year to come.

Cptr6_Questionaire.jpgDECIDE WHICH ONE YOU WANT TO BE?
How is this relevant to coaching? You can either be a Medusa sales coach or a Janus sales coach.

If you use coaching sessions to beat up people, they will turn to stone. You’ll be a monster no one will want to meet with, they’ll be afraid to express ideas. After the session they’ll be deflated and will just do the minimum. 

If you have powerful coaching sessions, at the right time, in the right way and with the right process, then people will give you everything. 

You do not want Medusa coaching your organization. You don’t need a measurement tool to determine which coaching you fall into. If they’re afraid of you, they’re going to turn to stone. If they’re coming in with excitement, you know that they’ll offer you their best. 


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