Grant Cardone Sales Training

by Grant Cardone


In this video, Grant Cardone shares his expertise on social selling and describes the Grant Cardone Sales Training formula, which is significant given he's considered the #1 sales thought leader in the world. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to find low hanging fruit on social selling
  • How to BE sold and STAY sold
  • How to succeed where your competitors fail

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a NY Time best selling author of four business books, Sell or Be Sold, Closers Survival Guide, The 10X Rule and If You're Not First You're Last, also Founder of Whatever It Takes Digital Network which host and streams digital content for entrepreneurs. Grant Cardone is also considered #1 Sales Expert & Top 10 Business Coaches to follow on Twitter @grantcardone. His Facebook and Youtube channels get over 1 million views each day.

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Webinar Transcript

Gabe: All right. Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for tuning in and it is my pleasure and honor to introduce to you our next keynote speaker Mr. Grant Cardone. A little bio about Grant Cardone. First of all before I jump in I watch him live, he's at Salt Lake City last week and then he just rock the house with thousands of people. People were on fire and a superb stove that heats your on board with us for the Social Selling Summit. So, Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, he's written four books since 2009. He owns and operates four multimillion dollar company that generates a hundred in a year sells. He also writes for,, Wells Fargo, Business Insider. And he's recognized also as the number one sales expert in the world Fortune 500 companies around the world. And last but not the least he's the creator of his own business network So, with that being said and without further ado, Grant take it away my man. 

Hey Gabe, thanks a lot. I appreciate you have me. I want to thank all of the marketing managers, Directors, Inside Sales, Vice President of Sales, all the C-level Executives that might be on this call and all the CEOs and Executives and all of the great sales people that may not just your family's work, your companies work but literally make the country work. And drive economies and make everything possible for both your community and your family and your business. My name is Grant Cardone as Gabe suggested. And today, I'm looking forward to just blowing your socks off with sales technologies ideas about how you can blow up your presence, use social media to sell to create more revenue, to get the things you want in life. For 25 years now I've been working with sales people, sales organizations and particularly working with myself and my own sales organization to figure what can I do to blow out my sales? How can I expand regardless of what's going on? 

And I'm trying to advance and they're showing me how. I'm a little bit of a technologically deficient person, but I will tell you this, regardless of that I know this, the one thing that will always supersede your inability is the ability to take more action. In the last 2009 I've written four books, four bestselling books these books are written as a result of the economic collapse that happen in 2009. First book sold was written in three hours. We sold tens of thousands of copies to that and it's never been on a bookstore and that's because people will write me saying, "You got misspelled words on this books and there's misspelled words on almost every page." And I'm like, "Son, it's the bestselling book okay. It's not best written would you get out of it." He's like "My sales is tripled." So, what it’s got a misspelled word here or there. 

So, disregard anything that I say to you that might throw you off a little bit if I don't use perfect grammar. Forgive me I'm not there going to teach you English. I'm here today to show you how to blow off your sales, to show you how to become known. We go into companies and basically look for 15 to 20% increase in sales by finding the low hanging fruit. It's in every company, with every product, in every city in the world. I am completely confident that I could go into the worst run or best run companies in the world and find 15 to 20%. Why? Because I'm looking for it and number two, I'm just looking for that stuff that you missing that your competitions overlooking. Sell or be sold, the basic premise of any of proposition and to all success is your ability to be sold on your proposition and stay sold. See the fact that I believe that I could change, increase, drive revenue, find low hanging fruit and grab 15 or 20% from the worst are the best run companies in the world because basically it's just a sold proposition.

I'm just sold, I'm confident, I believe it, I know it can happen. And until that happen something else does. When I was 25 years old I was in a sales job that I hate it. And until I changed my position about hating my job and understanding that my entire existence, my brand, my future, my survivability did not depend on my education. Didn't even depend on how much money I had. It depended on my ability to be sold, stay sold. And I'm not even talking about sales job here. I don't care what you do, you're receptionist, a shipper, a bookkeeper. You better get sold. You're in real estate, I have a lot of real estate holdings, okay. I started a company in real estate, didn’t know anything about real estate. I knew intuitively that real estate was a good proposition, we bought and sold a half a billion dollars with the real estate out of my offices in Miami. 

I don't have a real estate certificate. I've never had a real estate course. But I believe in real estate and I also know when I'm buying or selling a piece of real estate, I'm a salesperson. When I'm trying to get a loan, I'm a salesperson. I have to believe I could get the loan. I have to believe in the deal. I have to believe I can make the deal work. I have to convince the seller that I'm only going to pay a certain price and that he should sell that price to me. When I'm trying to get a girl. The woman I married today wouldn't go out with me, it was sell or be sold. Be sold that I'm too short or sell her, "No, I'm the guy." I'm actually a giant stuck in a 5'8." And I have to convince her of that without being cocky, without being arrogant, without over pitching my value and maybe turning her off. Look you're basic. The basic premise of your success in sales, in business and finance, in your personal life is your ability to be sold and stay sold. 

And that requires an effort every day by each one of us. So, how do you get sold on success? Well, one thing you could do is, you could do the experiment I did when I was younger. Okay, 23 years old. I was broke, a failure. My family, even my family was disgusted with me. Okay. Look when mom and dad, when your brothers, your uncles, your aunts are like, "Oh my gosh, not him." When they're looking at you like canned damaged goods. I mean look you either surrender good and buying good or you’re like, "Okay, I got to shift." "I got to change." Okay. So, I made a changed. I'm 23 years old, I said, "Okay. I'm going to be the best I can be." Get sold on your success. Number one, success is important. Two, success is your duty. "Okay, yeah, success is important, I want success everybody want it." But is that a duty? Is that an obligation? Is it a responsibility? See, I don't think success is my spiritual obligation. 

I've actually have a commitment to whatever you call God, or some higher power, or some creator of the universe. I think I have a commitment and obligation with whatever gifts I've been given. Whatever gifts you have, to like, "Hey, I need to fortify these and I need to get the world to seed and I'm using my gifts." So again, I'm not talking about sales or business right now. I'm talking about the why. I'm talking about the motivation, the fuel, the thing that drives you. I'm talking about the engine or the transmission. The front row drive of the of drive or the real world drive of what drives you into the market place every day through rejection, through disappointment, through not hitting quotas, through economic challenges because they're going to happen. They're happening to all of us and your ability to get sold and stay sold on your demand for success. 

Okay, let's face it in America the wealthiest country on the planet. A country that is so well known for success. So, many people come to America and say, "Man, this is the country." The country known for success, motivation, positive, go do, entrepreneurs. Some of the greatest companies in the world have been born right here in United States of America. But the reality is if you look around most of your friends have given up to success. Most of your friends and co-workers. I know people in management, C-level Management they've given up. I know people settling. Seventy-six percent of all Americans today live pay check to pay check, they quit, they check out. You got moms and dads, uncles, aunts, buddies, friends, people you go on college with. They quit. I know people who go to the best colleges in the world that have already agreed they will never be financially successful. 

I know people all across the country, these great country we live in where people are liken, "No, I'm good I can live on 40, I can live on 50, I can live on 60, I can live on 70." They've given up. No, I'm not saying that you need to be rich. I'm not saying that you have to have more and more money. I don't know what you need more of, but I know this, you have to make success more important than an option. It was not until I made success until I became sold that this has to and must be mine. I have to provide this for my kids. I have 3-year-old and a 5-year-old. I have to show them success. Not me bragging and beating my chest that I’m successful, or the car I drive, or the clothes I wear, or the watch I have on, but in how I carry myself. I'm not taking about faking it. I'm not talking about pretenders. I'm talking about because naturally walking into a space and everybody says, "Oh, that guy is wearing it, he's wearing it, he's wearing success whatever that looks like." Not some pretend. 

I'm talking about being completely sold all the way down to your coworker wears an authentic real deal. I'm not talking about politician now. I'm talking about real deal success. So, what is this thing? See we're talking here today is social selling most of you are involved in sales and revenue and quotas and calling people. Warm calls, cold calls, internet hits, responding, getting people on the phone. But the truth is if you don't have the why. If you don't understand why you want to be successful none of this matters. It wasn't until I was about 45 years old that I understood what I was going for. It wasn't the money, it was that the car, it wasn't the watch. I like all those things. But today I understand that the real success, the one that is like, the one that drives all the top players on this planet. Steve Jobs the Mark Cuban's. All of the top players. The Warren Buffett. It's not what they've achieve it's their potential to achieve.

Success for me today is the difference between my reality and my potential. It’s the difference, the gap between where I'm at and where I could be. If you know this anybody in boxing for instance, okay. Iron Mike earn $50 million a year, or Mike Tyson earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year and he got satisfied with this reality, but searching for his potential. That's going to go for a golfer, a basketball player, a baseball player, hockey, volleyball, soccer. You name it and particular he is going to go for the sales expert, the sales manager, the marketing manager. Those of you on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn that are like, "Oh man, I don't need Facebook." "I don't need LinkedIn." "I don't need Google." Look you’re satisfied with your reality and your reality is going to disappear. Remember 2009 when the economy got freaking hammered.

Everybody's reality shifted into something else. The reality you have today will change unless you're seeking a potential greater than your reality. And the one thing I know is vital to the salesperson is to always be looking for their potential not their quota. Even if you’re the top dog in your field. If you are the top dog you are the best, you are the best, you are the master of your freaking universe. Your heads and shoulders above all your competitors the moment you become satisfied. The moment start pat yourself at the back too long and too hard, talking about your reality and you're the best and not focus on your potential you will lose motivation, you will start resting on your laurels.

So, let's talk about something that are going to you. Okay. I own four businesses they were all started from scratch, no money, started with no money. None had debt, had a bunch of debt. I got fired from six jobs. Literally the last two jobs I had to walk out on the last the last job I had where I was working for somebody, I got pushed out of the organization because one guy was stealing and I basically said, "Look, the guy is stealing from you." And he's like, "Mind your own business." So, I got pushed out. I was the top producer there. And that's when I decided to go work for myself. Okay. And I'm like, okay look, the uncontrollable challenges when you start a business aren't in a business plan. You don't understand you're going to write that business plan, but there's things that are going to happen that are beyond in your control. 

When I worked with Google or Apple or the U.S. Army, or the Mom and Pop Company, the plumbing, the contractor, the roofing company, whoever I'm working for, the big bang, there's uncontrollable challenges that everybody has pricing pressures. Somebody's going to come in and under price your product. Somebody's going to come in and do it for cheap. Look Twitter’s free, LinkedIn's free, Facebook's free. I mean, you can't get cheaper than free, it's free. It disrupts other things. Right? When it's free. You're going to have somebody set up shop next to you and cut the hair for less, do the nails for less, sell the book for less, consult for less. Do you understand? 

Number two, you're going to have product delays. As you get bigger your company's going to have a product delay and someone in the sales department going to be crying, "Oh my God, they didn't get it to... Oh, I can't fulfill the order." Quit being a little bitch. It happens. You have to know somebody challenges or uncontrollable. Quit being a crybaby. Okay. Service issues, same thing. Four disruptive competition. Things are going to happen it will disrupt. The entire industry in my lifetime had been wiped out, but not a long period of time. I'm 56 years old. I've been in business for 30 years on my own, 28 years something like that. I've seen entire industry wiped off the face of this planet, no longer exists, no longer jobs. They're gone that happened. These are beyond your control. Quit crying about them. And number five the economy. Do you think the economy is not going to implode again? Sure it will. 

Notice what happened in the last five years since the biggest economic collapse in the history of the United States the wealthiest increase their wealth by 50%. Okay, the wealthiest increased. Why because they took advantage of the economic cataclysm. Most people are not in a position to do so because they don't plan with it. These are uncontrollable challenges. If you know they're going to happen. Now here's some controllable challenges that you need that probably of the most important things to being successful in sales, business, or in any walk of life. From selling a hard product tangible to intangible. Selling online, selling over the phone, selling door to door, selling to Hulu or Netflix. Okay. I've done all of these stuff. Everything I did mention I've done every one of those. Selling to CNBC. Selling to an audience of 3,000 people.

Here's the controllable challenges that you need to base with. You coming out with a new product line, the first thing that you need to worry about is the obscurity. You have an old product line, the first thing you need worry about is obscurity, it doesn't matter. Obscurity means I don't know you. If I don't know you I will not send money to you, it just won't. Your product doesn't matter, your price doesn't' matter, your service doesn't matter if I don't know you. And most of you are dying because of obscurity. I know a big company, they get big and then they start hiding. Why are you hiding man? Come on. Okay, you got to come out. Come out be whoever you are and be it to the max.

Number one, obscurity is the biggest single controllable challenge you have in your career. Number two, uncertainty. CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox TV. If you're in the UK then it’s their names, they're just called something different, it's all the same, this is garbage. Okay? Uncertainty, the media spews uncertainty into the marketplace. If you’re in sales uncertainty, it’s like the biggest competitor you have. Suze Orman is on TV once a week. Don't spend any money. Don't do it. Don't buy anything. Don't lease anything. Don't invest in your company. And then you got Dave Ramsey you flip channels and Big Dave's over there, Dave is like, "All debt is bad debt" "Debt is the devil." So, the one person is telling you not to spent, the other person is telling you not to borrow and then you wonder why the middle class in America continues to contract. 

It contracts because you have two people saying don't spend and don't borrow, and you become uncertain. You're clientele become uncertain. The company that was going to do a deal, this quarter becomes uncertain because there's a terrorist attack in Paris, or there's a breakout of some uncontrollable disease in Africa that comes to America. I mean you keep going over the. Or a plane hit the building, or the Green Bay Packers get wiped down uncertainty, unexpectedly. See what I'm saying it's uncertainty, uncertainty in the marketplace. Bad things happen to good people. The car wreck in your neighborhood. The kids didn't get picked up from school on time. Okay, there's a flood in your house. Whatever. Uncertainty is all around us. Okay. And these are controllable challenges because what you have to do is you need to quit watching things that deliver you on uncertainty.

I don't let my kids watch TV because I don't know what images will be delivered to my kids, I'm like, "They don't get to watch that." I don't actually watch the news except to make the news. The only reason to watch news, which is by the way always old. News is always the past, it's something that already happened which is uncontrollable at this point. So, I'm like, I don't want to watch it. I just want to be certain. I want to be completely certain and confident. I don't even care if I don't know about the bad stuff happen in the world. I don't need to because my goal, my game is just stay sold on making good things happen in the world. 

Number three is complacency. A monster issue in America where people are complacent to be middle class. People are actually bragging about being in the middle. They are bragging about, “I don't have it all, but hey man, I'm better than the next guy." What's the next guy got to do with your bills or your quota or your demands or your expenses? Complacency. Never ever, ever compare yourself to someone else. It's demeaning to whatever gifts you have. 

Number four is persistent. The inability to stay with something all the way. These are controllable challenges when you build a muscle of obscurity. "Hey, do you know me?" Look, if you don't know the name Grant Cardone. If you haven't seen Grant Cardone on Twitter. If you haven't seen Grant Cardone books. If you haven't seen @Grant Cardone at Facebook, or @Grant Cardone on LinkedIn or @Grant Cardone on Google. I'm telling myself right now I'm coming out of obscurity. "Hey, if you don't know me that's my fault not yours." It is my job, my responsibility to get the public to know me. It is your job to get people to know you. If you don't know me, my bad. Okay, uncertainty. If you’re uncertain today, that's your problem you need to fix it. You need to handle it. So, I got to get positive. I don't need to be focused on the uncontrollable challenges in the marketplace like the economy.

Too many people got rich when the economy when the economy got bad. I don't care about government and politics it doesn't matter to me because I'm going to be certain anyway. I don't care who's the “in charge.” Who's over there? What they're doing? I'm going to stay focused on my game. Is like a NASCAR driver and there's a wreck car in front of him and what does he do? Because his certain, he accelerates through the accident. He does not pull over. He does not break. So, you got to get out of complacency folks. Get out of complacency. Seventy-six percent of your friend, 76% of your family members, 76% of the people that you work with, 76% of the people that work for you are living paycheck to paycheck, completely uncertain and totally complacent. That means you're surrounded by people that don't want attention, that are uncertain, that are complacent and unable to persist all the way through. 

That means you got to do a great job right now of countering that. Here's a successful that I promise you will not fail you. If you want to blow up this year ten times, I wrote a book called "The 10X Rule" book. I already achieved a tremendous amount of success in number of areas that I'm so, so grateful for all of the people that helped me get where I'm at. But this is like, "Okay, I want it ten time. I want to go ten times what I've done all ready." Impossible. Okay. Like, I own 3,000 apartments right now. I want to go to 30,000. I have no clue how I could get there. I mean, I don't have the money. I don't even know if I could buy that much product, but it's a worthy go. It's crazy man. You wake in the morning, you’re like, you got big problems, big giant freaking juicy problems. I'm so obsessed by these ideas than I'm excited and motivated all the time. Okay. 

I'm going to give you four tips on success when I started on Twitter five years ago. I was using Twitter to get people to know me. I thought I care about Twitter. I'm 56 years old Twitter, I shouldn't be using Twitter. Twitter is a young man’s game. So, I'm like, I'm looking at Twitter, I said to myself one day, "I ain't got time for no Twitter." That's my redneck coming "I ain't got time for no Twitter." See, I'm sold on that. Right? I'm sold on being ignorant. I don't have time. Time is the worst excuse people use on themselves. I don't have time. You got time. If Twitter could make you another million dollars would you have time for it? All of the sudden I'm interested. Okay. Here's a successful entrepreneur thing from Twitter to hiring more people, to getting your brand name. Number one, you must get attention. "Hey, you there? You're not listening to me? Pay attention to man." 

"Pay attention to me lady listen to what I'm saying." "I am the greatest." Who said that? A guy that know how to get attention, Muhammad Ali, he knew how to get attention. He claimed his greatness before the world titled him great. He said he was the winner. You see he got attention, a massive amount of attention and there's a problem with this. Okay. Number one, if you want financial success you must get attention. Money, money, big money. I'm not talking about baby money. I'm not talking about that little troubled money that you got, where the companies always worried about the expenses. I'm not talking about the boss of the company that has one employee because you won't spend any money because basically the boss confidence. 

Look you're a company you have to grow and must get bigger, you must hire more people, you must get attention for your brand, you have to scream to get through the noise to the world. You got to get attention folks. Money follows attention. Power also follows attention. All the great people that you know on this planet, just pick the greatest person that you know that is ever walk the planet Earth. They had to get attention. Otherwise we wouldn't be talking... you wouldn't be thinking about them. If they had not got attention originally and then continue to get attention, you would not know them. Now, when you get massive levels of attention. And by the way your parents told you not.

Remember this too, you're a manager, the people that you hire had parents that told them not to talk to strangers. Okay. I mean come on. Then you wonder why your people don't prospect. Your people don't prospect because their parents, their original training was don't talk to strangers. My daughter we're on a flight from South America. I was on a cruise liner and I was doing a five-day, imagine this, five days eight hours a day of this. I'm giving you 30 minutes today. Five days eight hours, and then we'd eat dinner, and then we'd come back and do another two hours. Ten hours a day every day for five days, and never cover the same content. And I'm coming back from South America, my daughter says, "Pop, I want some cookies on my bed." "You want my cookies?" They've got 236 strangers on this plane, strangers. What is a stranger? A stranger is somebody you don't know.

Strangers have every freaking thing you want. Everything you want in life a stranger’s got it. And my wife is like, "You're teaching her to talk to strangers." That's right. That's how I got you, so sit back and watch. I said, "Baby you want some chocolate chip cookies? You want green cookies, yellow cookies. What kind of cookies do you want?" "I want chocolate chips." "I want taco chips" "I want some Oreos." If you walk up to that flight attendant right there and you walk up and you get his attention. You say, "Hey mister, you got some cookies?" And if he didn't have any cookies then you go after the other 235 people on this plane they're called captive customers. They're not going any place .Where going to be on the plane for the next three hours. These strangers have what you want. She walked up to the flight attendant first thing she had to do is get attention, "Hey mister, you got some cookies?" 

And comes back with six cookies, green color, Oreos in Venezuela are green not white. Don't be a hater. We ate them. She said, "Pop, can I ate the cookies?" I'm like, "You can eat the cookies baby if you can eat it, if you can kill it." I'm sorry. "If you can get the attention and get people to give you what you want you can eat it." You can kill it. You can eat it. And that's kind of economy where in today. You want more leads? Go get them. You want more deals? Go get them? Okay. But you got to go to strangers, get attention. When you start getting attention the second thing that's going to happen to you is you're going to get criticism. People are going to criticism you for doing this. The lady behind me criticized me. She starts telling my wife, "I can't believe your husband is telling your 3-year-old daughter to talk to strangers." I'm like, "Lady, I want my kid to be successful and for her to be successful she has to learn how to get attention of the people that don't know her not the people that do know her."

And when she does that she's going to get criticism why she's doing that. That's criticism, so what? I don't care about the opinion of others. I consider myself a boss. Okay. B-O-S-S, all big caps. I don't care about your opinion. I quit caring about it when I realized you ain't making my dreams come true. I don't care about the client that can't be satisfied. I got to be satisfied. If I'm dealing with people I can't make everybody happy. Okay. One, I got to get attention. Two, I'm going to get criticism. You call me too much that's criticism, that's not hate. You need to keep calling that person because it's working, he's paying attention to you. It's when they don't take to call at all that you are in trouble. It’s when they changed the number that you are in trouble. 

You want to get attention, you want to get criticism and then you want to keep getting criticism until people actually hate you. Hate on Twitter, hate on Facebook, hate on LinkedIn and Google+ and social media. Hate is necessary for you to get admiration. You don't get hate, you don't get love. You don't get haters, you don't get big money unless you're satisfied with baby money. Baby money. If you like the baby money then don't get any attention, and don't get any criticism, and don't get haters. But I just want to remind everybody just listen to this, the whole high school popularity thing was overrated. Okay. The chick and the guy that won they ended up not doing much. In most cases. No offense to the quarterback. 

Number for admiration. Look, if you stick it out. Stick and stay it's bound to pay. If you stick it to the criticism and the hate you will have half the people turn into admirers. Okay. Remember, for you to have massive success in your life you must get haters. For me to be President of the United States of America I'd have to have half of the country hate my guts, if that's what it takes. To get massive success somebody's not going to like it. Okay. So, be one to go to these get attention, get criticism haters and get admiration. Same thing with the customers. I'm calling the customer back. "Hey man, you call me too much." 

"Well sir, every day is too much? How is every day is too much. You showed an interest on our product I'll call you every day." Okay. "I'm thinking about calling you twice a day. Here's what you need to criticize me for not closing you the first time I did talk to you." "Hey, you got to stop it." He hangs up on me. Okay. He doesn't hate you until he start telling other people about you. You need to get some hate folks. Get some haters. Quit trying to be the most popular person, start trying to be the most successful person and that's for admiration. The people that I know that do this the best are the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian does this formula better than anyone I know. I'm not proposing for you to be the Kardashians, by any means.

The four levels of actions. I write about this in the 10X Rule. This is what the persistence thing comes in. No action, retrieving an action, normal levels of activity, or massive. These are the four levels of action everybody takes. If you simplify this you could actually erase number one. That will happen later in life, actually after life when you're dead. No action while you’re living, while your heart pumps and your brain thinks it is actually impossible to take no action. Anything that appears to be no action is actually a retreat. So, quit saying you're not doing anything and start saying I'm at retreating because that hurts. I mean, people don't like saying, "Oh, yeah, I'm actually going backwards." So, quit saying you're not doing anything because that's BS. You're always in a retreat mode if you're doing nothing.

Number three is normal levels of activity. Normal is actually the most dangerous of all three or all four in this list which are only three. Okay. Normal levels of activity. Normal levels of activity is the most dangerous because this is what everybody like does, not everybody, not the exceptional. But most people just do normal levels... they do what is expected of them. And then they get deluded to think, "But I did my job. Look I did you've overlooked" Nobody notices the guy that does just his job. Nobody knows anybody that just shows up on time. Why show up on time? That's what normal people do, show up early. Why leave on time? That's what normal people do, stay late. Why call every month? Why not call every day? I called so much people like, see I'm known for my work ethic. Okay. One of the things people know me for is I'm a marketing genius and I know it. Okay.

It's not because I'm brilliant because I do so much of it. And other people know me because of my work ethic, they call beast. People actually think, "Dude, you are a freaking beast." Why? Because I'm getting massive levels of massive amounts of attention. I will spend my last penny to get attention. I want attention more than I want money because attention is money. And then I have to take that up with what do I do? No action, that's what most people do, they get a Twitter account or Facebook account or LinkedIn and they don't do anything with it or they retreat, "I'm going to post something the second time. I better not. I might follow somebody. I better not, oh my God." Nobody even knows you exist. Okay. And then, you do normal. "I'm going to post every day." "I'm a good poster." "I'm going to make a phone call every day." "I'm going to send that an email." You don't want to do what's normal.

You want to do what's massive. Massive levels of activity. Massive, monster levels of activity, way more, so much activity that people are like, "Dude, you are freaking crazy. You are a machine. What do you eat? What do you drink? What do you breathe? What do you praying into? Okay. You want to do massive 10X levels of activity. Sales success parameter. Look, when you do not want to push yourself or your customer you're just not sold. This is a parameter for you to understand. When you're in a situation and you no longer willing to push your people as a manager, you're not willing to push your customer as a salesperson, you're not willing to push your family, you're not willing to push the people around you are not sold on your proposition anymore.

So, just use that as a parameter. The moment you're not willing to push yourself or them you are no longer sold. And that happens to all of this. I don't wake up sold every day. I have to work on this. Every day I got to work on this. Every day I got to focus on building my success. And I remind myself be better before your cheaper Grant. Cheaper, nobody's buying cheaper. You can't buy a price.

I write a whole three chapters in my first book "Seller or Be Sold" about be better before you’re cheaper. It's called "Seller or Be Sold." Awesome book about how price is a net. People don't buy price, can't buy price and the lowest price is not the person you want to be. Be better before you’re cheaper. Number two, revenue before cost. Quit worrying about how much money you have. Go worry about how much money you can produce. I'm at a dinner the other night and then the bill comes in and I pay the bill before anybody else. You know why I want to do that? Because I'm not worried with little money anymore. First 40 years of my life I was brought up to see, "Can we split the deal? Let's share it." You know why? Because you're worried about the creation of new income. Okay. If you're focused on revenue every day you wouldn't be worried about spending once in awhile.

People are more worried about their spending than they are in the revenue, you got it backwards. Flip the formula, worry about the revenue before you worry about cost. And number three remember this, nothing else matters more than number one and number two. Biggest challenges to success is your obscurity one, your obscurity two, and things sold. These are the biggest challenges every day going forward. I hope you enjoy this keynote but remember obscurity. I don't know. Number two, obscurity number two is I know you, but forgot you. That's why my books are in the airports, that's why they're online, that's why they're at Amazon, and that's why we have mp3 downloads for those of you who don't like to read, don't have time to read and just don't like reading. We have mp3 downloads. For those of you who don't like downloads we do video, we put 1700 videos on YouTube over four years. That was one video every day. One plus videos every day. More traffic comes to me through YouTube than any other source that we have include paid advertising. YouTube free videos 1700 four years.

We don't take videos down. I don't have most of my videos. Okay. Half of them are high quality, half of them are medium to low quality. Okay. I'm trying to get out there, obscurity. Number two, I'm trying to get out there and keep getting out there so I'm reminding people of who I am. And number three the biggest challenge is staying sold and getting your family on staying sold. So, ask yourself, "Are you greatness?" "Do you have a great product?" You should be asking yourself this every day. This is a needing your company should have. Do we have a great product? Not handle it. Are you a great company? Are you? Most people tell me they are when I'm paid to come in and speak to the audience. "Oh, yeah, we're great company." Good and the third question is, are you great? Do you represent greatness? Look, economies are brutal, their brutal you need to know this.

This should become an impetus of motivation. Economies are brutal in anyone today that brings part of their game, only part of it will be punished. Look I'd love to help in the future going forward I really, really appreciate everything that this group #socialselling is doing in the world to make salespeople sales organization and companies better. I really, really love Gabe your purpose. Folks, keep calm when people tell you that, go the other way become a sales-pro. Follow me on Twitter @GrantCardone. Anything I can do to help in any way shape or form I want to help you. Thank you very much Gabe. Thanks Social Selling and thanks to all of you go out there every day. Every day get on the field and get on the field who get out of the cheap seats, the spectators seats and get on the field to win in life and win in business. Thank You Gabe. 

Gabe: Yeah, thanks guys. All right. Everybody don't forget to again use #socialselling and tag GrantCardone if you have feedback or any questions for him. And yeah, I'll see you guys next time.