The sales performance improvement space has seen numerous new products come to market in recent years. However, none have had a greater impact than HireVue Accelerate on enabling effective sales coaching.  Accelerate enables your sales managers to deliver high-impact coaching to the largest and most globally dispersed sales teams. The application helps enable sales managers develop better coaching skills. It also aids sales leaders in holding sales managers accountable for coaching their reps and improving coaching quality.

HireVue Accelerate leverages the video recruiting platform that HireView perfected over the past ten years. Using this platform Accelerate can deliver high-impact coaching efficiently and conveniently. 

Here is an overview of the system and how it works.    



Create programs to introduce the team to video coaching, such as a sales pitch contest, getting a baseline of sales skills and identify skill gaps, coaching to a better skill set and so forth. Create questions and optionally attach informational or presentation materials for sales people to leverage or use as part of their session. Sales people can be allowed unlimited practice before they submit responses for feedback or they can be given only one shot to complete feedback for specific assessments. 




Invite sales people to complete sessions easily. The program will send out email invites. They click the link in their email to get started and can complete their sessions on PC, iOS or Android. They will be presented with each question prepared. Finally, they may also rerecord and later submit their responses for feedback.




When sales people complete a session management or coaches can review all responses, provide a score and give recommendations on overall performance. The manager can provide targeted feedback on exactly how the sales person can improve.




Once reviewers review the responses they can share feedback with sales people. This allows the sales people to internalize the feedback, improving for future sessions or when presenting to customers. All feedback from all reviewers will be included in the feedback report that can be sent as a PDF to the sales person.




After reviews are complete management coaches can then compare performances for the entire team. Using this data, you can identify potential skill gaps and what needs to be addressed with additional coaching or training.




The best videos from the program can be shared easily to the whole team, highlighting an individual answer or someone’s entire submission. Combine the best responses together to showcase the ‘perfect sales person’. This allows everyone to see how top performers deliver their message, articulate value, complete quick pitches, handle objections, etc.





HireVue Accelerate is a breakthrough technology that enables sales organizations to take coaching to the next level. The two most common reasons why sales managers don’t coach is that they cannot find the time to coach and they are not held accountable for coaching or developing better coaching skills. Accelerate overcomes these obstacles and gives sales managers the power to coach teams better, faster and more affordably.

Some specific applications include: 
1. Programmatic skill development 
2. “In the moment” best practice sharing and coaching 
3. New hire on-boarding 
4. Sales process execution 
5. Pipeline and deal reviews
6. Coaching skill development 
7. Coach the coach




Many organizations invest considerable amounts of money to train their sales people in new techniques and messaging. However, it has been very well documented that sales training that is not continually reinforced for a sustained period of time, after class, simply will not stick. Sales managers play a pivotal role in reinforcing sales training and driving new behaviors. HireVue Accelerate makes this important task much simpler for the sales manager. 

For example, maybe your organization has just launched a new product and you want to make sure that your sales people can position the product in conversations with customers. You also want to ensure a high level of consistency and quality across the sales force to ensure that they are not underselling or overselling what the product can do for the customer. You rolled the product out at your recent sales kick-off meeting and spent a day training on the features, benefits and pitching the product to customers. 

With the training now complete and the sales people back in the field, Accelerate enables product managers and sales trainers to quickly and easily create scenarios that a sales person will likely encounter with a customer. Sales managers can distribute a new scenario to their team each week, have each member of the team respond to the scenario based on what they learned in training and submit their response back to the manager for evaluation. 

The manager receives these responses, reviews them when they have the time in the week, offers feedback to sales people and provides them with samples of best practice responses. Sales people then review their evaluations and the best practice responses so they can see first-hand how they can improve. The entire process can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes. This is the type of reinforcement that keeps sales training alive and drives real impact.




Sales is a competitive sport and there are no prizes for finishing in second place. There are times when you will run into a competitor that just seems to have your number. In spite of your best efforts, you lose to them time and time again. However, you will occasionally have a breakthrough moment when you win. When this happens, it is essential for you to capture the lessons learned from the approach that led to your success and to share these insights with your team to help them be more competitive. 

In fact, the most challenging competitor is often the status quo. Most opportunities die because the buyer goes silent and shelves the purchase altogether. There are numerous occasions when you need to sell against the status quo to motivate buyers to move forward with the investment. Again, when you figure out an effective way to do this, it is important to share the lessons learned across your team as soon as possible, ensuring that each member of the team has the capability to respond in a similar way. 

HireVue Accelerate is an excellent tool for capturing these best practices in the moment, sharing them across your team and holding sales people accountable to learn the proper response. This is if they encounter this situation in the field. This does not necessarily require a big intervention involving large numbers of people across the organization. Rather, a sales manager can quickly capture a best practice response, send a relevant scenario to their teams, receive and evaluate responses and provide feedback and samples of best practices to sales people. This form of training is highly relevant, immediately applicable and drives measurable impact. Again, all of this can be completed in a matter of minutes. Scenarios and best practice responses can be tagged and archived in a library for future reference by the entire team.



Success of new hires in your sales organization is crucial to achieving your near-term and long-term goals. However, on-boarding new hires is often very challenging It is especially difficult when these new hires trickle in over an extended period of time, as opposed to starting in more substantial numbers as a class. When they start as a class, there are many possible efficiencies that can be realized during training. However, this is seldom the case. Regardless, your new hires need to be trained as soon as possible so that they can become fully productive as quickly as possible. 
HireVue Accelerate helps sales managers on-board new hires more quickly and more efficiently. This is especially true when the organization has built a library of scenarios and best practices. A sales manager can work with the new hire by first assigning them the most common scenarios. The new hire can then spend time both during and after normal business hours to master the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful. HireVue Accelerate enables them to practice, receive feedback and compare their responses to that of the top performers. This active learning dramatically accelerates the learning process, reducing the time before the new hire becomes a productive team member. The library also provides access to relevant videos that sales people, both new and old, can use to prepare for and maneuver through situations for winning deals. The system also provides the sales manager with confidence that the new hire is grasping the fundamentals of customer conversations that are necessary to be successful in the organization. 



HireVue Accelerate enables sales managers to coach more effectively to the company’s sales process. Companies with a sales process want to ensure that sales people and managers follow the process and use the process to help drive predictable growth. However, like all things, sales processes must be learned and measured. People must also be held accountable throughout the process.  This is done most effectively when everybody understands the process and what they need to execute at each stage of the process.

HireVue Accelerate enables organizations to develop anticipated and expected scenarios that reflect the conversations and actions by both the sales person and the customer at each stage of the process. Just as in the case of skill development, sales managers can push scenarios out to their sales people to help them learn the steps of the process. Scenarios are also valuable in validating that sales people have really mastered what to do and what to say at each stage. This can be done systematically as part of the reinforcement of implementation of a new sales process. It can also be done impromptu when a sales manager senses that a sales person needs additional development in a particular area of the process. 




Most coaching sessions between a sales manager and sales person are not really coaching sessions at all. Pipeline and deal reviews are the more common means that emphasize what a sales person will close in the current quarter to make their number. Much of the time spent between the sales manager and the sales person is spent downloading information about the deal or account just to help the sales manager understand what’s going on. Since so much time is spent exchanging information, valuable time is taken away from problem-solving and developing skills that would drive sustainable improvement. 

HireVue Accelerate helps improve the efficiency and quality of pipeline and deal reviews. Rather than conducting an information download live and in real time, a sales person can update the status of opportunities and accounts through video. The act of capturing this information on video holds the sales person to a higher standard of accountability. Furthermore, sales managers can read a sales person’s body language to help determine the believability of the update. 

Sales managers can then view these updates on their own time when they have the availability, take notes and provide any feedback to the sales person that they believe to be relevant to that situation. When the sales person and the manager finally connect live, such as in a weekly one-on-one, the manager is much more prepared and can focus meetings on strategy and skills necessary to win. If not done properly, time is wasted through digesting gobs of new information for the first time.

Recording interactions between a sales manager and a sales person also lets the organization capture a permanent record of the commitments a sales person will make to improve performance and make their number. This permanent record ensures that the sales manager and the sales person are on the same page, as it applies to performance improvement, and that the sales person will be held accountable. If the sales person does not follow through on their commitments, then it will be very clear just how serious they are about continued employment with your company. 




Just as HireVue Accelerate can be used to develop and reinforce skills of front-line sales people, the technology can also help develop fundamental sales management skills. This is especially important because most organizations lack formal sales management training and often promote high-performing sales people into management roles for which they have very little experience. 

Just as a sales manager or sales trainer can create a brief scenario for a sales person to respond to, so a sales VP can also quickly create scenarios to develop and reinforce essential coaching skills for their sales managers. Sales managers receive the scenario, practice and submit their response to the sales VP. Then the sales VP can evaluate the sales managers, providing specific feedback and examples of best practices. The process is quick but very powerful. 


Sales managers must be held accountable for coaching and for coaching quality. HireVue Accelerate lets sales leaders quickly evaluate the quality of coaching that managers provide to their sales people, seeing exactly when and how often managers provide coaching. Sales leaders can also view the quality of a sales person’s response and the coaching provided to the sales person by the sales manager. Again, this high level of transparency and accountability drives action and continuous improvement. 


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