Sales Training Needs Assessment and Priorities

If you've ever considered obtaining sales training for your team, you will first need to answer what your prioritized training needs are. In this free eBook we help you figure out what your training needs are and then help you prioritize them. Specifically, you'll learn the following:

sales training needs
  • Why sales training needs to support a larger strategic initiative - and, if it doesn't, why it'll likely fail at the outset.
  • Why win-loss reviews are a great source to help you prioritize what training needs your company needs.
  • Surveys are common. But, what you ask the front-line sales rep is critically important. Learn what to ask and how their feedback will help you determine your training needs.

And much, much more. Get your free instant download now and begin to prioritize your training needs.

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An Excerpt

"In a perfect world, every sales manager and salesperson would have an individualized development plan that is based on their individual needs and learning style. However, this is not yet a perfect world and training a large sales force often means making trade-offs. Here are a few suggestions to consider . . ."