Let's Turn the Tide on Veteran Recruiting.

How you can discover top talent and improve your military recruiting program using digital recruiting.

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Skip the Resumes and Connect With One of the Largest Untapped Leadership Talent Pools on the Planet.

With millions of active job openings and a widening global skills gap, the demand for strong leadership talent has never been greater. Conversely, millions of the world's strongest leaders are fighting to find their next opportunity as they begin transitioning. The unemployment rate among post-9/11 U.S. veterans stands at 9% compared with 6.7% for the civilian population, making it one of the largest untapped leadership talent pools on the planet.

Traditional screening tools and processes unintentionally and unnecessarily exclude active servicemen and women and veterans from open positions due to the disconnect between military resumes and experience, and civilian job descriptions. This leads to many applications getting "lost in translation" and perfectly qualified military candidates being unfairly passed over.

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Digital recruiting technology – including video, mobile and social enriched interactions – gives veterans a chance to tell their story and be heard, allowing businesses to connect with some of the world's best high-potential leadership talent.

Help Hire the Next 100K.


Over 170 companies are already helping to turn the tide by signing up to the 100,000 Jobs Mission coalition, and have successfully hired over 190,000 veterans through the program to date.

Using digital recruiting, you can accelerate your commitment by reaching more potential military candidates across time zones, and do it quicker and more cost-effectively than using resumes or phone screens.


Interview candidates overseas and in hard-to-reach bases, and widen your military sourcing strategy to connect with the best talent.


Let them tell their story:  find out more about a veteran's personality, skills, and cultural fit than a resume could ever tell you.


Save time and money:  Cheaper and more effective than phone screens and travelling for bad interviews.


Improve the candidate experience: become an employer of choice for transitioning service members through your commitment to better military recruiting.

Is your military program as good as it should be? Make good on your commitment with digital recruiting, and help hire the next 100K.

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Let Veterans Tell Their Story: Military Recruiting at Intel.

Intel's Rob Polston tells us how the company uses digital recruiting to connect with military candidates beyond a resume, hear their stories, and create a more personal experience. 

Using digital recruiting, Intel has been hiring through their military program at a rate of almost 1 veteran per day since 2012.

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Operation: Opportunity.

How Hilton Worldwide is hiring 10,000 veterans using digital recruiting.


"For our military initiative, digital recruiting has proven to be essential. A resume doesn’t show relevant experience that translates to a hiring manager. HireVue has enabled us to get to know our veterans – who they are and what they can do. It’s helped us bring the human element back into the process.”

– Rodney Moses, VP Worldwide Recruitment, Hilton Worldwide


Turn the tide on veteran unemployment – today.

We've put together a free playbook of workflows, best practices, and case studies around how you can use digital recruiting to either kick-start or improve your organization's military program.

Download it today to see how you can hire veterans successfully and effectively, and join some of the top companies in the world who are already sourcing top talent from their military hiring efforts.

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