Public Seminar vs Private Engagement Sales Training

There's a big difference between public seminar style sales training versus private engagement sales training. And, the difference goes beyond more than just costs.

In this FREE eBook, you will learn the differences between the two, such as costs and benefits. Specifically, you will learn the following:

sales seminar versus private sales training
  • From the learner's perspective, how is training different between public and private sales training?
  • At the end of the day, why the customization of the training materials more than you think it does.
  • What a "networking seminar" has more in common with a public sales training event than it does with a private sales training meeting.

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eBook Excerpt

"For private sales training engagements, companies typically fly their salespeople into a centralized location, such as its corporate headquarters or a hotel with meeting facilities. Training materials are customized to the organization, and a facilitator or team of facilitators will deliver the training to the group. The entire learning experience is tailored to the company, its market and the challenges it faces.

For public sales training seminars, companies send their salespeople to a meeting center booked by the training company—often in a major metropolitan area. The training materials are generic, the audience comes from many different industries, and the facilitator does his or her best to make the training relevant to each individual . . ."