Robert Cialdini's Influence: Summarized eBook

Robert Cialdini's impact on the sales industry is incredible in both is depth and breadth. He has literally created the persuasion industry. And, his book Influence was the book that started it all. In this summary you will learn the following:

robert cialdini influence
  • What is the rule of reciprocation and how can you apply it in your selling today?
  • Committment and Consistency - how can they help you close more deals?
  • Much has been said about social proof - read where the concept first got its start.

And more. We distilled the most important concepts in this eBook. Grab it today and begin applying its principles to improve your selling skills now.

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eBook Excerpt

"If you’ve spent any time in marketing, sales, psychology, or the behavioral sciences, you surely have heard the name Dr. Robert Cialdini. He is the author of the groundbreaking book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. He is credited with bringing behavioral science to business and it all started with that book. Influence is a clear classic and should be in your sales and marketing bookshelf. And, if it’s not, then we’ve provided this summary just for you.Read it. See where you might be able to apply its principles. Then do so today . . ."