Effective coaching is one of the best investments a sales organization can make. To get the full benefits of a coaching program your organization must first invest in training your sales managers about how to coach. Just because a person makes a good sales manager doesn’t mean that they make a good coach. This is a common mistake that many organizations make. Management and coaching are not synonymous and they require different sets of skills. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that managers can’t be trained to be effective coaches.

When an organization has good coaches, it will see improved performance from sales people. An investment in coaching comes with great rewards, such as higher productivity and better staff retention.  

In this guide we clearly define coaching so that organizations can accurately determine if a sales manager is coaching effectively.  We also explore different categories and approaches to coaching and offer foundational tips on how to create a strong coaching organization. This information will help transform your sales managers into coaches and help them transform your sales people into stronger, more reliable and in all ways better performers.




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