Cptr13_16_ForceManagement.jpgForce Management ( was established in 2003 by managing partners Grant Wilson and John Kaplan. Force Management specializes in sales transformations that help B2B sales organizations increase revenue, improve sales margins and gain market share. They use innovative programs, proven evaluation tools and customized courses to maximize profitability and productivity.

Force Management, a GrowthPlay company, works with industry sales leaders in today’s most dynamic business environments. Force Management provides real-world experience to help our clients define sales solutions and create management tools that produce measurable results. 

Their Command of the Plan® workshop provides an organization with a structured Management Operating Rhythm® – a sales cadence – that focuses attention on the critical few, high-value sales activities. It provides clear and real-time visibility into the performance of a sales organization. The basis of the Management Operating Rhythm® is a powerful, yet user-friendly, toolkit of planning templates and productivity metrics. It assists sales leadership in coaching their sales team to build healthy sales pipelines and accurately forecast revenue. 



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