Cptr13_8_FusionLearning.jpgFusion Learning is a Toronto-based training company with a comprehensive curriculum for sales people, sales managers and sales leaders. Fusion prides itself on its ability to bring new thinking to its clients to help drive their success. They work collaboratively with tremendous flexibility to adapt to their clients’ culture and needs. They also have the capability to deeply customize programs for maximum relevance in their clients’ world. This creates a highly meaningful learning experience for participants and makes adoption of new processes and behaviors for clients easier.

Fusion Learning primarily serves larger companies with over 100 sales professionals. This is common for sales training companies that offer highly customized solutions because the cost of the customization can be spread across a large learning audience. Although Fusion is headquartered in Canada, they work globally with multilingual facilitators. They work in sales and service functions across many industries but they are especially strong in financial services, insurance, life sciences and technology.

Working with sophisticated clients, Fusion Learning takes a highly strategic approach that starts with C-level executives to blueprint strategy and diagnose sales culture.  They then cascade and translate the strategy down to sales managers and individual sales people so they clearly understand how they fit into the achievement of their company’s goals. More than just developing new skills, Fusion takes a systemic approach, working with company leadership to change culture and deliver results at all levels.   

Sales Managers need to become masters of developing targeted skills to move performance to the next level. They examine attitude, core skills and a proven process to strengthen core sales coaching capabilities. The target audience for this program is sales leaders.

Benefits include:

  • Demonstrate how to facilitate effective feedback 
  • Be confident and competent in applying coaching skills in several different situations
  • Have tools and techniques to support sales training efforts
  • Be able to coach consistently and effectively in the field or over the phone

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