MHI Global ( was created through a merger of Miller Heiman®, AchieveGlobal®, Huthwaite®, Impact Learning Systems® and Channel Enablers® by TwentyEighty, a Providence Equity Company. By merging these established brands under one roof, MHI Global provides organizations worldwide with an expanded, holistic approach for developing, managing and sustaining long-term customer relationships.

Unlike other training and workforce performance companies, each MHI Global prides itself on shaping every solution and piece of curriculum on the best—the best talent, the best people and the best companies. They then take that insight and shape corporate education programs that help employees grow and learn in their careers. This not only benefits the employees but it benefits the company and, in turn, drives productivity and improves performance.

They truly believe they’re not just a training company. They are a business performance company.  Every MHI Global business shares one key ingredient: we learn from the top people to help the rest become better. It’s a mission they strongly believe in.

MHI Global helps companies by developing leaders who engage and inspire their teams. This in turn improves productivity and engagement that results in better collaboration and trust throughout the organization. Leaders, from mid-managers and first-line managers to individual contributors, all need effective skills to propel organizations to new heights.

Specific capabilities developed in MHI Global sales coaching programs include:

Giving Needs - Based Feedback

  • Learn to use principles derived from the Self-Determination Theory in order to give and receive feedback in a way that builds motivation and delivers organizational results.

Offering Rewards and Recognition

  • Learn how to affirm positive results in a way that highlights competence, strengthens relationships and encourages internal motivation in others.

Realizing Talent in Others

  • Learn a collaborative approach to developing capability in others that matches the motivational needs of employees with the needs of the organization to produce results.

Shaping a Motivational Workplace

  • Look at motivation in a different way and learn to create an environment that unleashes superior performance by allowing individuals to satisfy their core needs.

MHI Global delivers these sales coaching programs through public workshops, on-site programs, train-the-trainer, e-learning and blended learning.


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