Cptr13_1_2SPI.jpgSales Performance International (SPI – is a global sales performance improvement firm. The company’s history is interesting.  Mike Bosworth created and founded Solution Selling® in 1983 based on his experience at Xerox. Keith Eades, SPI’s CEO, became a Solution Selling® affiliate and founded SPI in 1988. Both Solution Selling® and SPI were acquired in the late 1990’s, and in 2001 the SPI management team bought back both SPI and Solution Selling®. Mike Bosworth went on to become co-founder of Customer Centric Systems.  SPI has assisted over one million sales professionals in over 50 countries and 14 languages.

SPI is focused on global companies that sell high-value solutions to sophisticated buyers, such as business and financial services, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing and life sciences. The company’s flagship program is Solution Selling®, which is a sales process and methodology that enables a consultative approach to selling and becoming a trusted advisor. 

The company believes strongly in continual learning and offers some of the most comprehensive offerings for developing sales professionals over an extended time frame for measurable performance improvement. SPI is flexible at integrating its processes and methodologies into each client’s business and has a highly robust measurement methodology.

Sales Coaching Program Highlights
The program leverages Solution Selling® courses as its foundation. It takes an approach to accurately assess the health of sales pipelines and opportunities, apply best practices to coach for skill and opportunity improvement, and improve forecasting accuracy. The approach is aligned to sales execution principles and seeks to instill the how-to’s of building more predictable and productive pipelines, enabling seller success and increasing productivity.  

Some of the pain points that are addressed include: 
  • Lack of strategy and tactics to close attainment gaps at different stages in the fiscal year
  • Lack of time to devote to managing and coaching all sales opportunities  
  • Ineffective and inconsistent opportunity reviews with sellers 

There are various program topics that are covered, such as: 

  • Performing key sales management principles that support a sales process 
  • Inspecting the quality of opportunity execution using verifiable outcomes
  • Creating personnel development plans 

Available training modalities are instructor led training and are done through e-learning.  The program is most relevant for sales managers, channel sales and sales operations.


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