Cptr13_4_SRG.jpgSales Readiness Group ( is an industry leading sales training company that helps companies develop highly effective sales organizations. Their solutions include comprehensive sales training, sales coaching and sales management programs that deliver sustainable skills improvement. SRG sales training programs are customized to meet their clients’ specific requirements.

SRG’s Comprehensive Selling Skills and Value-Driven Negotiating training programs are designed to drive superior sales performance through a systematic approach that produces sustainable results. SRG’s customized sales training programs produce sustainable results by incorporating the following factors: motivation to change, customization increases relevancy, spaced learning or sustainable results, reinforcement and measurement. 

Leveraging their curriculum library, programs are custom-tailored based on each client’s unique development needs. These programs promote skills adoption and retention through a highly engaging, interactive program methodology and blended training delivery methods (i.e., on-site, online and on-demand). 

Their High Impact Sales Coaching equips sales managers with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to become more effective coaches for their sales teams. 

High Impact Sales Coaching is a highly interactive workshop that incorporates scenario-based learning, exercises and role plays. Program materials consist of detailed Participant Workbook and sales coaching tools, including Coaching Activity Profile (self-assessment), Sales Skills Profile, Development Matrix and Coaching Plan. Delivery options include on-site, live virtual classroom or blended coaching. 

Sales managers will benefit by learning to: 

  • Develop full potential of sales team with proven sales coaching techniques
  • Assess selling skills for each member of sales team 
  • Prioritize what skills to coach
  • Implement a five-step coaching process, overcoming resistance to coaching
  • Conduct productive coaching sessions, and allocate coaching time based on ROI   
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