Cptr13_7_TheBaronGroup.jpgThe Baron Group ( was founded by Eric Baron in 1992. Eric previously spent ten years as President of Consultative Resources Corporation, a firm devoted to training sales people. He spent five years at Synectics, Inc. and eight years in sales, sales management and sales training at Union Carbide Corporation. Throughout their sales training, Baron Group reinforces a needs-based sales approach that uses problem-solving, relationship-building and research-backed process models to elevate transaction-oriented sales people into strategic advisers and trusted client partners.

All courses are tailored to your specific sales challenges and goals. Participants learn practical processes and models backed by extensive research and immediately put them into practice in the classroom. Video recording and coaching ensure participants develop a heightened awareness of their personal style, delivery and impact.

Coaching for Improved Sales Performance helps managers acquire a coaching process and skill set to help their team members improve their sales performance. The program provides an actionable coaching model that emphasizes honest, balanced and action-oriented feedback and coaching. Video-based practice helps participants observe, practice and improve their coaching style and skill set.

Participants of Coaching for Improved Sales performance will learn to: 

  • Effectively prepare for a coaching session
  • Position the coaching session with the salesperson in a constructive and supportive manner
  • Apply a coaching sequence and skills to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Help their salespeople embrace positive behavior change
  • Gain commitment by working with the salesperson to develop an action plan

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