Cptr13_14_Brevet.jpgThe Brevet Group ( is a sales training and sales enablement firm. They are committed to offering a customized sales performance solutions that help our clients sell smarter. They like to temporarily become a member of your team when you need it, offering guidance and driving execution.

Their approach centers on creating tailored sales performance solutions for clients in a variety of industries that are seeking a smarter approach to sales. They combine the discipline and insights of management consultants with the practicality of sales training to deliver impacting programs that move the needle quickly for their clients.

Their program addresses any performance gaps with their innovative approach to sales training that uses cutting-edge buyer research and the latest in adult learning techniques. 

Their training is tailored to an organization’s unique selling situation and delivered in a range of highly flexible models:

  • Engaging and highly interactive live training workshops covering foundational or advanced sales skills

  • Shorter, more focused sessions from our library of in-demand topics

  • Blended learning programs combining the best of online, self-study, live training and individual coaching

  • Development of custom company sales academies or new rep on-boarding programs

  • One-of-a-kind online sales platform provides a turn-key training solution for small and mid-sized firms

They also conduct sales training assessments that help organizations maximize the ROI on their spend. By benchmarking the training function’s effectiveness, Brevet can quickly identify near- and longer-term improvement opportunities.

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