Cptr13_15_TopLine.jpgTopLine Leadership ( is a leading sales and sales management training company serving clients from diverse sectors. TopLine Leadership shows companies how to boost sales and sales management performance by implementing a consistent sales process, based on a deep understanding of how customers buy. 

Their Sales Coaching & Leadership Workshop provides sales managers with the skills and tools they need to manage their time and priorities more effectively, motivate and energize the team and become better sales coaches. They believe in strong reinforcement to ensure your training initiatives “stick”. All of their programs include a robust e-learning component, which they blend with virtual instructor-led training.

A sales manager equipped with new skills, tools and a disciplined process can have enormous influence over their sales team’s performance. TopLine Leadership’s Sales Coaching & Leadership course is a sales management training program. It provides sales manager leaders with the common language and consistent approach so vital to maximizing sales team results.

TopLine’s sales coaching training program helps organizations implement a consistent system for all sales managers. It helps sales managers recognize that leading a sales team requires a completely different mindset from selling. Every participant leaves with an action plan to help them:
  • Allocate their time more effectively by determining priorities

  • Identify high-payoff sales coaching candidates

  • Improve their sales coaching skills

  • Increase win rates and raise forecast accuracy by implementing a buying-focused sales funnel

  • Develop and enforce standards of excellence, not just minimum levels of sales performance

  • Diagnose performance issues

  • Confront under-performers and coach troubled talent

  • Improve their communication skills

  • Boost team morale and energize their team

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