Cptr13_11-VantagePoint.jpgVantage Point Performance ( is a team of researchers, consultants, trainers and coaches who believe existing sales improvement methods are outdated and were designed to solve problems that are no longer relevant. They are committed to identifying and validating innovative ways to solve today’s selling challenges and help sales leaders get the best performance out of their people. They offer research-based sales training that is connected to larger organizational goals and objectives. Their belief is that what happens before and after a training event is even more important than what happens during the event. 

They aim for a holistic approach to change. With their Total Sales Performance framework, they create meaningful and lasting improvements that align all aspects of your sales force. It is the skillful integration of training with new strategies, processes, tools and metrics that delivers revolutionary results. 

Second, they focus on sales management. Regardless of the sales methodologies your salespeople employ, they build the strategic, analytic and coaching abilities that turn sales managers into a competitive advantage for your organization.

VantagePoint engages in the following types of activities to drive desired sales results:

Post-Training Assessment of Sales Personnel and Managers
Through a sophisticated pre and post-training simulations they can quantify the gains in skill levels for all sales personnel against a proven set of critical competencies. This real-time and immediate feedback allows them to get early measures of the training’s impact and quickly course-correct when needed.

One-on-One Coaching of Sales Managers and Executives
It is in the details of execution that most initiatives go astray. Their role is to hold the hands of sales leadership as they navigate the hurdles inevitable in any change effort. Managers need real-world guidance on how to coach the methods effectively within the context of their sales management processes. They coach their clients until the level of competency they bring to the table is reflected in the client’s organization.

Continual Evaluation and Refinement of Skills
Initially their coaching effort is aimed at the basic blocking and tackling of behavioral coaching. Once managers conquer the basics, their coaching becomes more targeted at the personal needs of each individual sales manager. Managers learn and apply at different rates and individual assessment and attention is required to maximize the management team’s progress.


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