Introduction: The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training Programs and Methodologies

This guide will help you to get real smart, real fast. After reading it you’ll be able to make better decisions, have a more successful sales training program, determine your needs, scope the best solution and find the right partner

IntroToSalesGuide_tinkerRevenueIf you’re like most people interested in this guide, you have some responsibility for planning and executing a large-scale sales training initiative in your organization. This task may seem simple on the surface, but in reality it could be one of the most difficult challenges of your career.

Training—or transforming—your sales team is risky business because you are tinkering with your company’s revenue-generating engine. You’re going to take your sales team out of production for a few precious days of the quarter to try to improve the way that they work.

Many salespeople and managers won’t want to attend, and will have to be dragged in kicking and screaming the whole way. You’re going to spend money on trainers, and probably even more money on travel, food and lodging.

There are a lot of details to manage and a lot of potential failure points. Then there’s all of the time, effort and money spent after training to make sure that the new way of doing things sticks. Your leadership will expect an immediate return on this investment, and they’re looking at you to deliver. Yikes!

relaxBut relax! This guide is going to help you to get real smart, real fast, so you can go into this initiative with your eyes wide open. It will help you to make better decisions that will lead to a more successful initiative with fewer headaches. Inside, you will find useful information to help you determine your needsd scope the best solution, find the right partner and deliver a solution that drives sustainable change and impact.
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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training Programs and Methodologies

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