Chapter 8  Achieve Global


Achieve Global is a well-established training company with a 40-year history. Known in the industry as AG, the company offers leadership, sales and customer service training. AG was recently acquired by the private equity group that owns Miller Heiman, and now sits under the MHI Global umbrella with Miller Heiman, Channel Enablers, Impact Learning Systems, Huthwaite and the MHI Research Institute.


Achieve Global Leadership Training is one of the most global of the training companies, with a presence in 46 different countries. If you have a true global sales force and you need global consistency, then AG has you covered. This breadth enables them to serve large, global companies but they also have a strong presence in the mid-market as well. AG programs tend to be a bit simpler and easier to facilitate, which enables their clients to adopt a “Train the Trainer” model under the right conditions. If you have people who dedicate a large portion of their time to training, then this could be a very cost-effective model for you.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

AG’s website contains a large number of case studies that can be sorted by industry and issue. The case studies demonstrate that they can work not only with large global companies, but also with regional mid-sized companies. It is impressive to see AG’s commitment to measuring impact and capturing client success stories. This discipline helps establish a mindset of accountability that is often missing in the sales training industry.



AG has been one of’s “Top 20” sales training and leadership training companies for each of the past 6 years. Both of these disciplines should matter to sales training buyers, and the recognition says a lot about their quality and impact.

Achieve Global is very well known for its skills training programs. Now that they are part of MHI Global, clients have access to other methodologies and the potential to create a true “best of breed” solution.

Core Sales Training Programs

Like many of its competitors, AG uses a sales effectiveness system to organize its programs and describe how the components work together to drive results for clients. The reality is that they have a few core programs that are excellent and account for most of their business. These include:

  • Professional Selling Skills (PSS), which is AG’s program for developing consultative selling skills. This program is typically a good fit for salespeople who sell sophisticated solutions to sophisticated buyers. Salespeople learn to understand their client’s needs and based on those needs, craft solutions, resolve objections and ultimately close the sale.

  • Professional Sales Coaching (PSC), which is AG’s coaching program for sales managers. PSC leverages tools to help sales managers focus coaching on areas of greatest need, and develop the communication skills to motivate salespeople to perform at their best. Achieve Global does customize, but with an emphasis on role plays and the exercises as opposed to the actual handbooks themselves. This approach helps to control costs for you, but the trade-off is that the learning experience might not feel as relevant to participants.
AG also offers programs in the following sales disciplines:
  • Sales negotiations, through their Professional Sales Negotiations™ program
  • Account Planning, through their Winning Account Strategies™ program

The Full Solution

AG also offers the following services: 

  • Organizational Assessments to identify needs and gaps
  • Behavioral Assessments through a partnership with HR Chally
  • Sales Process Mapping to set a consistent approach for business development
  • Training Impact Measurement through their partnership with KnowledgeAdvisors
  • Account and Call Planners

Reinforcement through

  • eLearning
  • Pre-configured manager-led practice sessions
  • Live, online learning, application and coaching sessions
  • Post-training assessments
  • Job aids and performance support tools

Guidance for Sales Training Buyers

Achieve Global is very well known for its skills training programs. Now that they are part of MHI Global, clients have access to other methodologies and the potential to create a true “best of breed” solution. Don’t settle until exploring every possibility available to you. Also, you need to determine the degree to which your program will need to be customized to gain acceptance in your company. That will help you determine whether or not AG goes far enough to be a good fit for your company.


Achieve Global Sales Training Company

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