Chapter 9: Aslan Sales Training


Aslan Sales Training was founded in 1996. They offer comprehensive sales training, coaching and consulting solutions, but have specialized offerings for the development of inside sales and call center reps, and simpler short-cycle sales.


Aslan focuses on inside sales development and shorter-cycle transactional sales, such as selling credit card processing services to small businesses door-to-door. In a short cycle sale, either the customer will buy on the spot or they’re not going to buy at all. Both types of selling require training that won’t overwhelm the learning audience and won’t take them off the phones for an extended time period.

Aslan believes that less is more. They try to take an easier, lighter training philosophy that is geared towards increasing the buyer’s receptivity and engagement on the phone. Aslan’s approach for this learning audience is extremely appropriate.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

Aslan features several well-known client logos on its website, including Lenovo, Pearson, Wesco, Yamaha, AAA, Cardinal Health and Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Massachusetts. They provide a few case studies, but they can be difficult to find. Ask about their experience with clients in an industry similar to yours.


Aslan recently made SellingPower magazine’s top 20 list.

Core Sales Training Programs

Aslan’s approach is different from that of other sales training companies that cater to complex business-to-business sales with long sales cycles. They have a core library of about 18 modules, and they select from those modules to assemble a course and customize the modules for maximum relevance to the client’s needs. They can also deliver the modular curriculum in bite-sized chunks.

Programs break down roughly along the following lines:


Accessing the Decision Maker

This is essentially Aslan’s prospecting program. It trains sales reps to gain access by identifying who they want to speak to and how to actually get to them. They learn strategies, such as creating a unique positioning and finding paths to decision makers, and develop skills to uncover influence-holders, overcome barriers and engage resistant decision makers.


Solution Selling for Business Development

Reps Aslan’s Vantage program adapts solution selling for business development reps. The program trains reps who are aggressive and resilient to get the right decision maker to transition from a tenacious competitor to a trusted advisor who asks questions, listens and solves problems. Additionally, reps learn to discover the total opportunity and sell a holistic solution instead of delivering a scripted message pushing product. Finally, reps learn to sell value as opposed to selling features.


Solution Selling for Account Management

This is more of a cross sell, up sell application of account management as opposed to a heavy duty, maybe three to five year, strategic account plan. It is a transactional approach to go deeper and wider in an account when selling something that’s more typically on a shorter cycle. The program develops five key competencies:

  • Gaining access to decision makers
  • Moving from a relationship manager to a “trusted partner”
  • Moving from product-focus to solution-focus to discover the total opportunity
  • Moving from delivering features and benefits to selling a solution and creating value
  • Moving from reacting to proactively advancing the opportunity


Other Programs and Services Offered

  • Sales coaching and coach the coach
  • Service to sales skills
  • Diagnostics delivered through interviews, observation, ride-alongs and listen-ins
  • Consulting to transition from field to inside sales • Training impact measurement
  • Catalyst Dashboard, a cloud-based dashboard that simplifies and automates the sales coaching process and ensures sales managers have everything they need to drive and measure results

Guidance for Sales Training Buyers

Clearly, if you have to train inside sales reps or if you have a short-cycle, transactional sale pattern, then you should consider Aslan. They are one of the few sales training companies that focus on this very specialized niche.

Aslan Training does sales training

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