Chapter 13: Corporate Visions (CVI)


Corporate Visions, also known as CVI, is a sales training company that equips organizations with stories, tools and skills for winning sales conversations. CVI has grown aggressively through the acquisition of Customer Message Management, Whiteboard Selling, the BayGroup (negotiations training), Executive Conversation (executive conversation skills) and Launch International (sales enablement).


CVI features many Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing technology companies on their website, which is an indicator of their target market. CVI focuses on creating the messages, the tools and the skills necessary for effective sales conversations. Doing this requires them to work across sales and marketing functions, integrating brand and message, and maintaining consistency of that message through the customer lifecycle from marketing touch points, through engagement with your actual salespeople, to close.

One major distinction that separates Corporate Visions from nearly all other similar organizations is they base their content development and skills training concepts on decision-making science research.

Instead of seller-side best practice or customer opinion surveys, Corporate Visions applies findings from neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics, as well as conducts its own original, independent testing of the concepts with Stanford University professor Dr. Zak Tormala. They’ve shared this approach in a highly successful book, “Conversations that Win the Complex Sale” which is being followed up on July 2015 with a new book called “Three Value Conversations.”

Corporate Visions has sales representation in 11 countries and they’ve delivered workshops in about 60 countries. They have a lot of coverage in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

CVI features many case studies and customer success stories from well-known companies, such as IMS, ADP, Dell, Oracle, LexisNexis and UPS. Many case studies include data, assembled by an outside measurement company, quantifying the impact they made on the client. This level of rigor, follow-through and transparency shows that CVI “puts their money where their mouths is” and stands behind their work.


CVI was named to’s “Top 20” Sales Training Companies list for 2014, which is very strong recognition from a reputable source.

Core Sales Solution Offering

CVI takes a comprehensive approach to crafting solutions for clients through their “conversation system,” which includes developing messages, deploying tools and delivering skills for outstanding sales performance.


Developing messages includes:

  • Power Positioning® Consulting, CVI’s approach to helping you create a compelling and unique value proposition and messaging.
  • PowerInsights, CVI’s approach to helping you to create provocative viewpoints that move your customer off the status quo toward your solution.

Deploy tools, which includes:

  • Demand Generation Content, to give buyers a compelling reason to move off the status quo and take action, and to pave the way for your salespeople to engage.
  • Sales Enablement Content, which enables a smooth hand-off of the prospect from marketing to sales, and sets the stage for salespeople to create urgency for action.

Delivering skills, which includes:

  • Power Messaging skills training, to help your salespeople break the status quo with a “why change?” conversation leading to “why you” are the right partner to help.
  • Executive Conversation skills training, to enable your salespeople to make the case for your solutions in terms that matter to executive decision makers.
  • Negotiation Skills to maximize the value of your deals by avoiding unnecessary concessions and discounting and expanding both the size and profitability of your deals.


Supporting Technology

Corporate Visions also offers what’s called Power Launch. It’s powered by SAVO’s Inspire platform and enables clients to tell their story through the iPad. This can be embedded in CRM and leveraged across the sales force. If you’ve deployed iPads to your sales team, Corporate Visions can create a whiteboard-style video that your salespeople can use to show clients through the Inspire platform, or they can use parts of that video to walk a client through a value story.

Guidance for Sales Training Buyers

Corporate Visions has done a masterful job of pulling together the pieces of a strong solution for winning sales conversations. Moving in this direction requires a strong alignment of your sales and marketing functions, and requires you to think carefully about how you will sustain the Conversation System.

For example, you will need to continue to create messaging and content, which will require the right skill sets on your marketing team or the right budget to continue to outsource the development of these assets. Sustaining new skills and behaviors for your salespeople will require sales management buy-in, continued reinforcement and practice, and accountability.

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