Chapter 14: Force Management


Force Management specializes in sales transformations that help B2B sales organizations increase revenue, improve sales margins and gain market share. They use innovative programs, proven evaluation tools and customized training courses to maximize profitability and productivity for their clients. They are especially well known and respected for their Command of the Message® program that helps clients articulate value and differentiate themselves from their competition. Force Management was recently acquired by Growth Play. It operates as an independent entity within its parent company, but now has access to even more sales performance improvement resources to bring value to its clients.


Force Management works primarily with clients that sell high-value business-to-business solutions. They believe that sales performance suffers when there is a breakdown in customer engagement—the way sales teams align their sales process and sales conversation with the customer’s buying process—and the management operating rhythm— the cadence that sales leaders follow to manage and develop their teams. Their solutions address these key needs within a sales force. Force Management specifically tailors its solutions to each client.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

Some of the world’s leading companies rely on Force Management to help them transform their sales organizations. Their sales transformation programs help B2B organizations increase revenue, improve sales margins and gain market share. Force Management features a number of exceptional success stories on its website that describe its comprehensive solutions and quantifiable impact in significant detail. They also provide some exceptional videos from well-known clients such as Welch Allyn, ClearSlide and BMC Software.

Although Force Management works across several industries, they are especially strong in technology, workforce management, manufacturing and industrial and life sciences sectors.

Core Sales Training Offering

Force Management features its “Command Series” to help clients improve their ability to effectively engage customers and manage to a reliable operating rhythm. Their approach helps the sales organization balance an external focus on the customer (Command of the Message and Sale) with an internal focus on sales management practices (Command of the Plan and Talent).

Specific programs include:

Command of the Message®: A repeatable framework to guide the customer conversation that starts with clearly defining the value drivers and differentiators that are top-of-mind for your most influential buying audiences. These value drivers and differentiators provide on-ramps into multiple levels of the customer organization and allow your team’s message to transform and resonate with the appropriate audience.

The key tool produced during Command of the Message® is the Value Messaging Framework. The Framework helps marketing, product and sales teams articulate the value and differentiation of your solutions in a way that impacts the buying criteria and sets the stage for solid business justification. 

Command of the Sale®: A disciplined approach to qualify, advance and close sales opportunities, which includes an integrated toolkit of methods and templates that guide your sales team throughout the sales process. To maximize adoption, Force Management works with you to integrate their processes and tools into your chosen CRM technologies.

Command of the Plan®: A structured Management Operating Rhythm® – a sales cadence – that focuses attention on a few critical, high-value sales activities. This provides clear and real-time visibility into the performance of your sales organization. It assists your sales leadership in coaching their sales team to build healthy sales pipelines and accurately forecast revenue.

Command of the Talent®: An intuitive approach and toolkit give your sales managers the right tools and processes for effective interviewing, on-boarding and talent development. This includes a valid Success Profile—an essential deliverable that precisely defines what success looks like in a particular sales role.

Value Negotiation: Provides a methodology to help sellers leverage value and differentiation throughout the entire sales cycle, giving sellers better control during the final stages of negotiation. This supports sellers in consistently executing your negotiation process, leveraging your value and preserving margins.

The Full Solution

Force Management provides a comprehensive roadmap for achieving sales performance improvement. In addition to highly engaging workshops, the solution includes in depth discovery, customization and sustainment components to ensure adoption, impact and substantial ROI.

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

Force Management offers comprehensive sales improvement solutions that deliver proven impact and ROI. They are especially strong for their value proposition work and are definitely a leader in that area. This is critically important because sales people need to know what to say in addition to how to deliver the message at key points in the sales process. Force Management has a unique approach to train sales people to deliver compelling sales messages that reflects your capability in a natural, conversational manner.

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