Chapter 16: Fusion Learning, Inc.


Fusion Learning is a Toronto-based training company with a comprehensive curriculum for salespeople, sales managers and sales leaders. Fusion prides itself on its ability to bring new thinking to its clients to help drive their success. They work collaboratively with tremendous flexibility to adapt to their clients’ culture and needs, and they have the capability to deeply customize programs for maximum relevance in their clients’ world. This creates a highly meaningful learning experience for participants, and makes adoption of new processes and behaviors for clients easier.


Although Fusion is headquartered in Canada, they work globally with multilingual facilitators. They work in sales and service functions across many industries, but they are especially strong in financial services, insurance, life sciences and technology.

Working with sophisticated clients, Fusion Learning takes a highly strategic approach that starts with C-level executives to blueprint strategy and diagnose sales culture. They then cascade and translate the strategy down to sales managers and individual salespeople so they clearly understand how they fit into the achievement of their company’s goals. More than just developing new skills, Fusion takes a systemic approach, working with company leadership to change culture and deliver results at all levels.

Fusion Learning primarily serves larger companies with over 100 sales professionals. This is common for sales training companies that offer highly customized solutions because the cost of the customization can be spread across a large learning audience.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

Fusion Learning primarily works with large, well-known companies such as American Express, BlackRock, BMO, Baxter Healthcare, Pfizer, PwC, Scotiabank, SAS Institute, Motorola, Xerox and MolsonCoors. They offer some in-depth bios which provide more detail on the experiences of their staff and facilitators.


Fusion Learning has been named as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies by Training Industry, Inc. for seven years in a row. In addition, Selling Power magazine ranked Fusion Learning in their list of Top Sales Training Companies in 2014.

Core Sales Training Programs

Fusion offers a comprehensive library of content that addresses nearly every major strategic, cultural and developmental challenge faced by salespeople, sales managers and sales leaders. Working with the client, they draw in the right content to create customized programs that meet the client’s exact needs. This could range from basic skill development programs in presentations, negotiations or consultative selling, to a highly sophisticated sales transformation across a large enterprise.

Some common programs include:

  • Strategic BluePRINT: A methodology and facilitated process to capture a sales strategy, make it actionable, and communicate the plan clearly and succinctly to all stakeholders in the organization.
  • Consultative Selling: a program for planning and executing a sales call with a sophisticated buyer from open to close. The program develops the right attitude, skills and processes to effectively uncover priority needs of customers and prospects, and collaboratively develop solutions that lead to a win-win outcome.
  • FUSION Selling: an advanced-level program that enables sales professionals to succeed in the age of the ultra-prepared buyer. This includes leveraging thought-provoking content, supported by data derived from extensive research, to generate insight that drives a deeper, more strategic discussion with buyers.

Other Programs Offered Include:

  • Programs for Sales Leaders: Strategic BluePRINT, Sales Culture Diagnostic
  • Programs for Sales Managers: Sales Leader BluePRINT, Coaching, Leading and Motivating Teams, Time and Results Management, Running Sales Meetings and One-on-Ones
  • Programs for Sales Professionals: Individual Sales BluePRINT, Consultative Selling, Prospecting, Strategic Account Management, Presentations, Negotiations, Time and Activity Management (SmartSelling), Story Telling (StorySelling) and FUSION Selling

Delivery Options

As a provider of customized solutions, Fusion Learning can tailor delivery to a client’s exact needs—before, during and after training.

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

The scope of sales training initiatives can vary greatly from one organization to the next. In some cases, the training is tactical—addressing a specific need or filling a time slot at an annual sales kick-off meeting. In other cases, the training is strategic, and is a catalyst for a major change initiative driven by the CEO or the sales leader. As a buyer, it is important for you to understand clearly the initiative’s purpose and the expectations of your executive team.

If the training is tactical, then a training event might be all that is needed or wanted. Participants will go through the program and may take away a few good nuggets. If the training is strategic, then your senior leadership must be highly engaged in the initiative, and you must ensure that the solution includes customization, change management, executive briefings and heavy reinforcement. This requires a highly capable partner and sufficient budget to get the job done right.

Fusion Learning Sales Training Offerings

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