Chapter 17: Huthwaite


Huthwaite is part of the MHI Global. Huthwaite was founded by English behavioral psychologist Neil Rackham, whose research led to the creation of SPIN® Selling and his bestselling book. The company has offices in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, China, Singapore and Thailand. There is another company called Huthwaite International, which is based in the UK and which covers much of the world not covered by Huthwaite, Inc. It’s a bit confusing, but that’s the way it is!


Huthwaite has done a good job of understanding buyer behavior and aligning selling process and skills with buyer behavior, and building out a very comprehensive solution set. However, Huthwaite is best known for SPIN® Selling, its core approach for planning and executing sales calls. SPIN stands for Situation, Problem, Implications and Need-Payoff, which is the methodology’s basic construct. The beauty of SPIN is that it’s fairly straightforward, so Huthwaite works with large enterprises and Small Midsize Businesses (SMBs), and with individuals through public workshops. Their target market is very broad, because SPIN has a wide range of applications.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

Huthwaite features some testimonials on its website, and if you look carefully you can find some video-based testimonials and case studies in its resource center. As with all sales training providers you consider, you should ask for specific examples of how the provider helped other companies in your industry or companies seeking to solve a similar challenge or achieve similar objectives to your own. Go beyond testimonials from program participants to actual business results achieved for the organization. This will help you to determine whether their experience is relevant to your business.


Huthwaite has been named to’s “Top 20” sales training companies list for each of the past six years. This is a strong endorsement from a highly credible organization.

Core Sales Training Programs

Although Huthwaite is best known for SPIN® Selling, they have a comprehensive “Buyer-Focused” solution suite that consists of the following programs:

  • Buyer Focused Playbook™ Workshop: A cross-functional workshop to create customized content for SPIN® Playbooks.
  • SPIN® 2.0 - Huthwaite’s updated foundational sales dialogue skills program. The program is customized and it’s delivered by very strong facilitators with minimal lecture and extensive participant involvement. It’s a very active and engaging hands-on learning experience.
  • Coaching SPIN® 2.0: Builds sales managers’ ability to guide and reinforce SPIN® Selling skills with their salespeople, and maximize the potential of every customer meeting.
  • Buyer Focused Opportunity Strategy™: Strategies, tools and skills to manage and win high-value, complex sales with multiple stakeholders and typically long sales cycles.
  • Buyer Aligned Negotiations™: A highly sophisticated and interactive program to preserve margins and drive to a win-win outcome to maximize the lifetime value of each customer.
  • Buyer Focused Prospecting™: Practical methods for selecting the right targets and planning and executing effective prospecting calls. 
  • SPIN® Train the Trainer: A trainer certification process designed to give professionals the skills to deliver SPIN® Selling training sessions for their organization.

Huthwaite customizes its programs by analyzing your business needs, integrating business objectives and incorporating relevant contextual content. This is especially important for the SPIN® conversation, which requires highly customized scenarios for each client.

Delivery Options

Huthwaite delivers both live and virtual instructor-led workshops. They also offer numerous public seminars around the world for individuals and smaller organizations.

The Full Solution

Huthwaite offers a comprehensive, integrated learning experience (ILE) to accelerate skill development and make changes stick. Each component of the experience builds upon and extends the preceding one. The ILE combines expert-led, hands-on workshops with on-demand, personalized eLearning and online assessments and reinforcement tools in a process where skills are introduced, practiced and embedded into the daily work routine of the participant. A structured coaching process and personal and group development activities further support the program.

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

SPIN® Selling is a popular, well-proven sales training program that builds core sales conversation skills. Even if you have experienced salespeople, creating a consistent approach for preparing and executing sales calls across your sale force can be extremely helpful.

Consistency gets everyone speaking the same language and creates a solid foundation for better coaching. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that they are too advanced for SPIN®.
Huthwaite Sales Training Solutions Offerings

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