Chapter 18: Imparta

Imparta is a global company based in the UK that offers sales, marketing, customer service and leadership training. The company has global reach, an extensive curriculum and deep customization capabilities. It also emphasizes a comprehensive approach to driving behavior change, focusing as much on what happens after the training as on what happens in the training itself.


Imparta is clearly focused on large global companies with a large number of customer-facing people. This is common for sales training companies that offer a heavily customized solution because it enables the client to spread the cost of customization over a large number of learners. Additionally, large companies often have established cultures and systems that it requires its partners, such as a sales training company, to adapt to. This adaptation greatly enhances the receptivity of the training because it reflects the client organization’s language and beliefs and the relevance of the training to participants. Servicing these large, global, sophisticated clients requires the right resources and a flexible mindset, something that Imparta clearly exhibits.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

Imparta showcases a very impressive client list of some of the best known companies in the world. They have a number of case studies that succinctly highlight the client’s challenge, implementation process and results. Imparta does an exceptional job of quantifying its impact on client organizations. It lives up to its charter of helping clients drive measurable impact.

Imparta works with some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated and most globally dispersed companies such as GE, WPP Group, Lloyds TSB and Microsoft. Imparta’s strategy is to work closely with a smaller set of clients and provide them with a wide range of services.


The company has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, including being named to’s “Top 20 Sales Training Companies” for the past four years. It was also named a finalist for Learning Provider of the Year at the 2014 Learning Awards.

Core Sales Training Programs

Imparta offers a very comprehensive suite of sales training programs that they deeply customize to suit their client’s exact needs. They believe that it’s hard to differentiate one product alone, and that people buy from people who create value for them—through the insights they share, the solutions they create and the help they provide around the buying process. This belief underpins Imparta’s approach to developing sales professionals.

  • Consultative Selling Skills (CSS) is Imparta’s foundational sales training program. CSS builds on existing interpersonal skills to establish the fundamentals of consultative selling, even within a high volume environment. Whether face-to-face or telephone-based, sales teams have to be able to engage with their client’s needs rapidly to progress the sale.

  • Creating Client Value (CCV) is Imparta’s core sales methodology. Salespeople learn to get beneath the surface of the client’s needs and explore business needs broadly and deeply. Then, the salesperson can work with the client to create solutions collaboratively that reach across the organization to deliver maximum value to the business.

Other Imparta Programs Include:

  • Negotiating Client Value (NCV) to preserve value while strengthening client relationships.
  • Commercial Acumen (CA) to create an awareness of key business and financial levers.
  • Strategic Account Management (SAM) to create, track and execute account growth strategy.
  • Sales Management Program (SMP) to effectively execute daily sales management activities.
  • Sales Coaching (SC) to develop skill and behaviors for individual rep performance.
  • Deal Pursuits (DP) to drive the sales process through critical stages to win large deals.
  • Sales-Enabled Product Training (SEPT) to go beyond traditional feature-benefit product training and address why people need the product and the value it creates.

Delivery Options

Imparta offers its clients tremendous flexibility in delivering programs that fit their needs. This includes traditional classroom-based instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led (VITL), train-the-trainer, eLearning and mobile learning (mLearning), simulations and bite-sized learning or reinforcement campaigns that address specific business issues.

The Full Solution

Imparta believes strongly in post-training reinforcement, and brings all of the pieces of an engagement together with their Capability Building® System (CBS). CBS is a comprehensive and modular reinforcement toolkit. When properly used, CBS reduces ‘skills loss’ to less than 20%, and ensures that business training achieves your financial, operational and cultural goals. CBS is comprehensive, but clients can select the components they need knowing that they will work seamlessly together—whether you need a single workshop, a custom simulation, a cultural change program, or a global academy.

Guidance for Sales Training Buyers

Companies such as Imparta that create rigorous, customized sales training and change management programs deliver outstanding solutions. However, these solutions require a sizable investment and typically require a training audience of over 100 people for it to make economic sense. It is best to have a good understanding of your needs before you talk to the providers who you believe are the best fit. This will allow you to determine if they can craft a solution to meet your budget.

Imparta Sales Training solutions offerings

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