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Jbarrows Sales training is sales training that focuses on structure and techniques to drive immediate results at all stages of the sales process. This is not a “methodology” training. It is training that focuses on executions and most of the techniques can be applied to and compliment most other sales training processes. Much of the training is based on a previous sales training company called Basho which was developed by Jeff Hoffman who now delivers it as MJHoffman & Associates (www.mjhoffman.com). John Barrows was a Director of Sales and Training for Basho and now runs jbarrows LLC which is an authorized reseller of the MJHoffman & Associates content.  John delivers the content himself through direct onsite training and online.


The training provide sales reps and teams with very specific techniques they can apply immediately in class without having to implement a complicated process to be successful.  The main focus of the training is the “Filling the Funnel” program which provides a structured approach and specific techniques to finding new business and improving prospecting results.  This is relevant to all roles and experience levels who need to find new business.

Clients and Case Studies

Featured clients include many of the leading tech and SaaS companies such as: Salesforce.com, Linkedin, Marketo, Insideview, Zenefits, Twilio, Box, DropBox, Jive, New Relic, Tableau, Pentaho


None yet since I don’t focus on applying for awards, I focus on delivering great training to my clients.  my awards are my clients and the results they see from my training

Core Sales Training Programs

There are two main training programs: 1) Filling the Funnel and 2) Driving to Close.

The Filing the Funnel program has 10 main stages to helping create an effective prospecting engine to drive consistent results: 1) laying the foundation of what prospecting is all about, 2) Identifying the Target accounts we should be focusing on, 3) Knowing the Target within the accounts to go after with a top down approach, 4) Finding the Reasons to reaching out to them; 5) Developing a Message that will resonate with executives, 6) Delivering the Message through a very specific phone technique, 7) Delivering the Message through a very specific e-mail technique, 8) Developing a contact strategy to maximize results, 9) Implementing Social Selling into the equation to help build your brand and 10) Time Management & Knowing What Works.

The Driving to Close focuses on everything that happens once you get the initial meeting. The four main modules are: Meeting the Challenge and developing a structured approach to preparing, executing and following up from meetings along with developing effective questions; Objection Handling techniques that provides a framework and examples of how to handle common objections with specific techniques; Bargain to Advance outlines the objective components of the buying and selling process with specific gives and gets to develop a scorecard that reps and managers can use to develop a common language and objectively measure the health of any opportunity; Hammer it Closes reviews the 15 main closing techniques and gives examples of how and when to use all of them.

Delivery Options

The jbarrows training is delivered directly by John either onsite, remotely or online depending on the program.  The “Filling the Funnel” program is delivered through all three options, including in al online portal that includes all the content in video format and is the same online portal that companies like Salesforce.com use to onboard all their new reps.  The “Driving to Close” program is delivered onsite or remotely (not online) and has a Scorecard application that plugs into Salesforce to support the Bargain to Advance module. Each program is typically a one day session with live application when delivered onsite.

The Full Solution

The full solution includes the onsite and online support tools for each session.  Companies typically invest in the “Filling the Funnel” program along with the onsite portal for reinforcement and onboarding.  After they implement the “Filling the Funnel” program they implement the “Driving to Close” program and install the Scorecard application to reinforce the Bargain to Advance program.

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

If you are looking for a full methodology approach or something to address the “complex” sale this program probably isn’t for you. If you are looking for specific techniques that can be applied to almost any methodology to help drive results this program is worth looking into.  Specifically, if you are looking for an effective way to drive new business into the pipeline, regardless of size or type of sale (as long as it isn’t B2C) should look at investing in the jbarrows “Filling the Funnel” program.  If you are looking for something to help address the other areas of the sales process and implement a rather simple but effective structure without a full methodology then the Driving to Close program may be a fit. 

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