Chapter 21: Rain Group


RAIN Group is a sales training and consulting company started in 2002 by Mike Schultz and John Doerr. In 2003 they launched their first research study in sales that fueled their RAIN Selling and Insight Selling methods. In 2005 they launched, an online magazine for sales leaders and professionals with over 100,000 subscribers and in 2011 they published their first bestselling book, Rainmaking Conversations which has been translated into 7 languages and has helped fuel their global expansion.

In May of 2014, RAIN Group published the book Insight Selling. They made the bold move of challenging the Corporate Executive Board on its Challenger Sale research head on. They took a strong position against CEB’s approach, and staked their own position based on their research of over 700 business-to-business purchases, looking at what the winners of those opportunities did differently than the second-place finishers.


Rain Group's message resonated with those who thought CEB’s Challenger was too aggressive and limited, and wouldn’t work for most salespeople.


RAIN Group offers sales training and consulting for industries with a complex sale primarily focusing on professional and business services, banking and financial, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare, and technology industries. Headquartered in the US, they have global delivery capabilities with offices in Switzerland, South Africa, India, UK and Australia. They take a blended approach to training that includes sales team evaluation, customization, ongoing reinforcement, and coaching. They have a robust system that drives real behavior change and results. 

Featured Clients and Case Studies

RAIN Group features several well-known clients such as Hitachi, DHL, PWC, Lowes, Ernst & Young, Aon Hewitt, Bright Horizons, and Deltek on their website. They offer a number of case studies and testimonials that demonstrate the results they’ve helped clients achieve. 


RAIN Group has been named to’s “Top 20 Sales Training Companies Watch List” list for the past two years. Selection to “The Watch List” is based on an innovative approach and strengths in a specific vertical. Based on this criteria, RAIN Group is highly deserving of this honor. It is a strong endorsement from a very credible organization.

Core Sales Training Programs

RAIN Group has training content that covers every stage of the sales process from prospecting to sales conversations to insight selling to negotiation to account development to sales management.

RAIN SellingSM is their core consultative selling program, and introduces sellers to the strategies and tactics that are the foundation of successful selling. With some significant differences, the program resembles other consultative or solution selling-type programs that emphasize planning and executing sales conversations with an intelligent, sophisticated buyer from beginning to close. Over the course of conversations, the sales professional builds rapport, asks good questions to uncover needs and aspirations, facilitates a discussion of possible solutions, demonstrates the impact the solutions will have, positions value to differentiate, resolves objections and closes to an action commitment.

Insight Selling by RAIN Group is their answer to the Challenger Sale. It is an advanced consultative selling program that acknowledges that buyers are more educated and more prepared, and that sales professionals must bring new ideas that open an executive’s mind to new possibilities. This program builds skills to enable sales professionals to connect with buyers, tell stories that are convincing because they are more memorable than canned presentations, and collaborate with buyers by bringing new ideas to the table and working with buyers as a team.

Strategic Account Management is their core program focused on helping sellers and account professionals penetrate, expand, and protect strategic accounts. This program introduces a strategic planning process and tool that allows sellers to systematically review and develop account growth plans.

RAIN offers other programs that build on this foundation, such as prospecting skills, networking skills, influencing skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, coaching skills and sales management. They have a large content library to choose from, and they customize programs to your needs based on your industry, company, and who you sell to.

Delivery Options

Rain Group offers live instructor-led training, eLearning, train-the-trainer and Your Sales University (YSU)—an innovative training system. YSU stands out because it has the flexibility to be customized for specific clients and for specific sales roles within the client organization. Depending on your needs, they can do everything from light tailoring to ground-up development. This is unique in the sales training industry, where ongoing training and curriculum development is often an afterthought.

The Full Solution

RAIN Group really “gets” that training requires extensive reinforcement to have a lasting impact. To this end, they offer

  • Sales Coaching for individuals and teams, with a “coach the coach” option
  • Ongoing Workshops for reinforcement of concepts or to address special topics
  • Online Modules for learning, reference, refreshing and reinforcement
  • Webinars to address specific needs and challenges
  • Your Sales University for curriculum development by sales role and ongoing training and development
  • Sales Assessments for hiring and development of individuals and teams
  • CRM Enablement to embed processes, tools, and learning in leading CRM systems
  • Sales Playbooks for best practices and supporting behavior across the sales cycle to create and win sales
  • RAIN MailSM for mobile reinforcement and knowledge checks
  • Sales Simulations and Gaming for practicing skills in real-world scenarios

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

Salespeople can be a tough audience, and any trainer you hire must have high credibility to be taken seriously. The more a trainer has “walked in their shoes” and has been successful, the better. Vet trainers thoroughly to ensure they will be the right fit for your team.

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