Sales Readiness Group (SRG)


Sales Readiness Group (SRG) works with sales organizations to develop more effective sales teams.  Their sales and sales management development programs are designed to help sales professionals adopt and sustain better skills.

SRG believes that a successful training program must be relevant, engaging, and produce long-lasting results. They work with you to identify the right skills, assess proficiency, and deliver training that aligns with your priorities.  Their solutions include robust reinforcement components that leverage spaced learning and technology to make training stick.

You'll find SRG easy to work with, resourceful, and accommodating; and their programs will help you deliver sustainable results.


SRG programs are designed to meet the specific needs of mid-size and larger organizations. They take a 5-factor approach to drive behavior change and sustainable skills improvement that includes:
Motivation - Motivation is a critical element in the adoption of new skills. Without it, sales professionals won’t invest the effort required to change behaviors. SRG works with clients to secure executive sponsorship and active support from key stakeholders to emphasize the importance and relevancy of training initiatives.
Customization - SRG understands that your sales organization is unique. So they partner with you to personalize your training to make it relevant. This includes customized case studies, examples, exercises, and role plays that better address your organization's needs.
Spaced learning - To make training more effective, SRG divides its programs into manageable chunks. Then training is delivered over time to help participants better learn, apply, and keep their new skills.
Ongoing reinforcement - Without ongoing learning and reinforcement, participants forget what they learned and revert back to their original behaviors. SRG offers an integrated approach to reinforcement that consists of facilitated group reinforcement sessions, personalized sales coaching; and on-demand reinforcement using eLearning, e-tools, and job aides.
Measurement - Measurement creates accountability. SRG's programs incorporate measurements that hold participants accountable for changing their behaviors and applying new skills on the job.
SRG's suite of solutions are built from the ground up to help you drive behavior change and sustainable skills improvement.

Featured Clients and Success Stories

SRG featured clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses across all industries. They have many success stories that show SRG's willingness to understand your business and help you focus on the right things to make a difference.


SRG has been in Selling Power Magazine's Top Sales Training Companies list for six consecutive years.  They’re also featured as an ATD Professional Partner and a company to watch by This is a strong track of endorsements from credible organizations.

Core Sales Training Programs

Comprehensive Selling Skills is a skills intensive course that enables sales professionals to have the right conversations with today's technology-enabled buyers. In this program participants learn how to apply the appropriate selling skills and techniques to connect with buyers and decision makers, ask great questions to uncover compelling needs, differentiate their solution from the competition, managing objections, and partner with buyers to gain commitment.

Value-Driven Negotiating transforms sales professionals into master negotiators. Sales professionals learn how to first establish and prove the value of the solution to avoid discounting, and then use that proven value to achieve a win-win outcome.

High Impact Sales Coaching equips sales managers with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to become more effective coaches. This is an interactive workshop that incorporates scenario-based learning, exercises and role plays. In this program participants learn how to assess selling skills, when and when not to coach, overcome resistance to coaching, and conduct productive coaching sessions.

Comprehensive Sales Management provides frontline sales managers with proven skills, knowledge and tools they need to drive bottom line performance. This in-depth program includes self-assessments and develops four critical sales management abilities: recruiting and selecting sales "STARs", sales coaching, managing sales performance, and sales leadership.

Delivery Options

SRG delivers most of its programs through live instructor-led training (ILT). They also offer: virtual instructor-led training for distributed sales organizations (VILT), and customized eLearning. The also provide licensing and train-the-trainer solutions for larger organizations who use their own facilitators.

The Full Solution

SRG is committed to making training stick. Here is a list of all their offerings that support training reinforcement:

  • Pre-training assessment to assess skills relevancy
  • Customization to address your organization's unique needs and make training engaging
  • eTools and Planners that allow participants to put into practice what they've learned in class.
  • Reinforcement sessions to promote skills adoption and application
  • Post training assessment to measure skills adoption and proficiency
  • eLearning to maximize the time in workshops for skills development and application
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