Sandler Training is a global organization with over 220 training centers, each run by an independent franchisee. Sandler focuses primarily on foundational and advanced selling and sales management skills, and recently added a program focused on enterprise sales.

Sandler’s physical presence in numerous locations enables it to offer its clients ongoing training, coaching and reinforcement in smaller chunks over a longer time period. This is different from other training companies that require that everyone flies in, participates in a one- or two-day seminar, and then leaves—hoping the training sticks.


Sandler’s franchisees focus primarily on smaller and mid-sized businesses located in the vicinity of its training centers. Sandler’s sales training emphasizes a consultative selling approach which they represent through an analogy of a submarine with multiple compartments, each representing a stage of the sales system. This consultative approach, local presence and continuous learning make Sandler a good fit for local and regional firms that offer professional and business services.

Featured Clients and Case Studies

Sandler offers some wonderful case studies and testimonials, but most of these are located on the franchisees’ websites. Each franchisee will have his or her own strengths, expertise and industry experience. Ask for references not only of their best clients but also of clients who have recently gone through their program and can give you a true read on their satisfaction and success.

As a sales training buyer, you should conduct your own due diligence to determine if the franchisee has experience in your industry and if it has a track record of success with clients similar to you.


Sandler has been named to’s “Top 20 Sales Training Companies” list every year since 2010. This is a strong endorsement from a very credible organization.

Core Sales Training Program

Sandler offers foundational and advanced selling skills programs, and sales management development programs.

The President’s Club is Sandler’s flagship sales training program. It is an ongoing program that helps salespeople and professionals fine-tune their sales methods, improve their performance and build their confidence. The President’s Club training addresses the three key areas necessary for long-term success in sales: Attitude, Behavior and Technique.

The President’s Club provides an environment of coaching, teaching and peer support. The program starts with a 12-week foundations course designed to introduce the Sandler concepts.

Sandler uses the submarine analogy mentioned earlier to represent its selling system stages:

  1. Bonding and Rapport: To enable relationships and effective, two-way communication.
  2. Up-front Contracts: Develop understanding and agreement on the sales process.
  3. Pain: Surface problems the client faces, the reasons for and personal impact of the pain.
  4. Budget: Defining realistic resource commitments and fees to properly address the pain.
  5. Decision: Determine what needs to happen by whom, and when to move forward.
  6. Fulfillment: Reviewing expectations and resolving issues to close the sale and proceed.
  7. Post-Sell: Surfacing and confronting customer satisfaction issues and gaining referrals.

Once students are familiar with these concepts, they are promoted to the advanced class where they can work on applying the concepts to close deals in their pipeline. Participants meet several times monthly for about a year, and focus on learning, developing and mastering new skills.

Other Programs Offered

  • Enterprise Selling: A comprehensive system for sell into large companies.
  • Professional Advantage: Sales training tailored for professional service providers.
  • Sales Management Training: Comprehensive skills for running sales teams.

Delivery Options

Most of Sandler’s training is live and instructor-led, and is conducted at one of their numerous training centers. They do offer Sandler Online, their eLearning platform. Sandler rightly positions eLearning as a reinforcement for what participants learn in the classroom. They also offer an iPhone app to enable participants to access learning reinforcement content conveniently from their mobile devices.

The Full Solution

In addition to instructor-led training, Sandler offers a number of tools to reinforce training

  • Sandler Playbook: Enables the collection of best practices for easy access.
  • iPhone Apps: Provides convenient access to Sandler’s learning reinforcement content.
  • Worksheets: For sales managers and reps to more easily apply concepts learned in class.
  • ROI Tool: Tools to quantify the economics of a prospect’s pain and solution.
  • Hiring and Personality Assessments: To create greater self-awareness and diagnose needs.
  • CRM Products: Embeds the Sandler Selling System methodology into popular CRM systems to enable clients to apply their training in pursuit of large deals.

Advice for Sales Training Buyers

Sandler offers a unique approach that is a great fit for certain organizations and individuals. Since it is a franchise operation, the quality and participant experience will be significantly influenced by your local franchisee’s experience. Take time to get to know them and the types of clients they serve to ensure they will be the best fit for you. If you have salespeople in locations that would be serviced by more than one franchisee, then you need to take extra care to ensure that everyone will be a good fit.

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