Chapter 25: The Brooks Group


The Brooks Group has over 35 years of experience creating and implementing customized sales training and sales effectiveness solutions. They pride themselves on creating practical solutions that support selecting and developing high performing salespeople and sales managers.


Their core selling methodology is called IMPACT Selling®—it stands for Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince and Tie it Up. They offer an end-to-end solution which they call their 4-Dimensional Approach to Sustainable Sales Force Transformation™—Discover, Design, Deploy and Develop skills and behaviors that drive lasting results.

Clients and Case Studies

The Brooks Group lists large companies such as Chase, Medtronic, Caterpillar and Volvo as clients, but works with companies of all sizes and across all industries. Brooks is especially strong in financial services, manufacturing, life sciences and professional services. They offer numerous quotes from senior-level executives at satisfied clients, many of whom speak to the results that Brooks has helped them to achieve.

Companies like Brooks that offer fully customized solutions to a mid-market client base are rare, and are definitely worth further consideration.


The Brooks Group has no shortage of recognition, having been named to’s and SellingPower’s “Top 20 Sales Training Company List” five of the past six years. This is an impressive accomplishment.

Core Sales Training Programs

Brooks offers a number of customized sales and sales management training programs, but their core programs are based on their IMPACT Selling methodology. IMPACT stands for and covers the following aspects of sales process, strategy and skill development:

  • Investigate: This covers a strategic approach to prospecting, establishing qualification criteria and discipline, planning for a first meeting with a clear understanding of the prospect’s business situation, likely needs and market position.
  • Meet: This step includes setting the meeting agenda based on your objectives while soliciting the buyer’s intent, and building trust and rapport.
  • Probe: Uncovering the prospect’s needs and motive to buy through questioning and sound consultative-selling, and tracking the benefits you can apply to create value.
  • Apply: Reading the prospect’s buying signals and buying readiness, and jointly configuring solutions that reduce price pressure and increase margins.
  • Convince: Leading buyers to discover your solutions applications and benefits on their own as opposed to being “sold” the benefits by you, and creating the prospect’s sense of ownership for the solution.
  • Tie-it-Up: Five key elements of confidently concluding the sale so as to secure commitment and set the stage for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Brooks also offers practical Sales Management Training to round out the complete skill set necessary for sales managers. Topics covered include:

  • Hiring: Know what to look for and what questions to ask.
  • Coaching: Motivating sales people and correcting unproductive behavior.
  • Performance Management: Setting goals and expectations, and managing reps to the numbers.
  • Process Management: Developing the discipline to keep salespeople working in accordance with established standards and protocols.

A sound call planning and execution methodology, such as IMPACT, and a sound sales management skill development approach are significant steps forward for many organizations, and are strengths of the Brooks Group. As a sales training buyer, you need to define your needs and determine just how much complexity you can handle. The greater the complexity, the greater the challenge of everyone “getting it.” Often, less is more!

Delivery Options

Brooks typically delivers programs through customized, live instructor-led training. They also offer train-the-trainer, public seminars and eLearning as options, but think carefully about considering these. Public seminars can be suitable for smaller companies, but relevance to the learner is lost without sufficient customization. eLearning is suitable for reinforcement and basic knowledge transfer, but is not usually effective for new skill acquisition.

The Full Solution

Brooks offer the following solution components to help clients make a sustainable impact:

  • Pre-training Diagnostics: Determine your needs to gain support for your investment.
  • Pre-hire Assessments: Select the right people and develop them to their full potential.
  • Post-training Reinforcement: A nine-week program to drive skill mastery and adoption.
  • IMPACT Selling for CRM: Embeds methodology into CRM workflow.

Advice for Sales

Training Buyers Brooks Group packs a big punch for mid-market companies. As you source providers, seek a partner with a focus on serving organizations that share similar characteristics with yours. Make sure that their solution isn’t too complex for your needs and that their trainers can relate to your people. It is better to right-size than to over-size. You’ll get a solution that fits, and the right level of attention from your sales training provider.

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